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How to Turn your Wedding Photography into Beautiful Home Décor

wedding photos into home decor

Weddings number among life’s most beautiful occasions. From the wedding vows to hold hands for the first dance and the excitement of cutting the cake – all of these precious moments help reaffirm a couple’s commitment to one another. But, as our lives go on, there’s always the risk that those special memories will start to fade – luckily we have wedding photos to help keep the magic alive!

Why are Wedding Photos so Important?

Few things bring such lasting rewards as a portfolio of wedding photos. They’re snapshots of a life-changing event, moments frozen in time to be cherished for the rest of your lives together! They can tell a story of the big day, turning scattered memories into a coherent whole.

turn your wedding photos into home decor

What Should You Do with Your Wedding Photos?

Don’t just leave your wedding photos as digital files – there are lots of options for putting them to good use. Of course, we recommend getting a quality photo album printed if you haven’t already – it’s the perfect way to share your wedding memories with your children and grandchildren over the years.

But even a wedding album will spend most of its time tucked away out of view. So what can you do if you want to make your wedding photos a real part of your day-to-day lives? There’s a simple yet smart solution – use them in your home decoration! Below we list just a few ways you can turn your wedding pictures into wall art and other home decor:


Wedding Photos as Canvas Prints

Printing your photo memories on canvas will turn them into timeless works of art. Canvas prints are a beautifully meaningful way to upgrade your home decoration – and with the minimum of care, they should last a lifetime. Or if it’s your friends or loved ones who are getting married, they make touching wedding gifts too.

It’s now the industry standard that your prints will be delivered ready-wrapped on an inner frame, which makes installation a breeze. And if you use a reliable printing service provider, you’ll be amazed by the print quality that can be achieved. Canvas prints can also be surprisingly affordable. One of Canada’s most prominent providers,, sells photo canvas prints for as little as $5 (for an 8”x8” print format). In fact, they offer a lowest-price guarantee for Canada – without compromising on quality.

how to turn your wedding photos into home decor

Wedding Photos as Poster Prints

Another simple yet elegant way to print your wedding photos is custom photo posters. A poster print is a classic wall art solution that will show your favorite wedding photos to their best advantage. Photo posters are also very lightweight, so they’re easy to hang. Poster prints from are made from real photo paper, giving you deluxe quality at an affordable price. And with its elegant semi-gloss finish, your wedding photo poster should integrate well with almost any home interior.

Wedding Photos as MixBlox

This is a great creative idea that makes a perfect wedding gift too. MixBlox are mini photo blocks that come printed with any photos you like. They’re versatile free-standing items – you can mix them, mingle them, stack them, and rearrange them any time you like! MixBlox might be small, but their vibrant photo reproductions are enhanced by the shimmering 3D effect of the acrylic glass. They’re knock and shock resistant too. And offers MixBlox for a very pocket-sized price – so once you’ve got your first block, you’ll want your collection to grow and grow!

Where to Get Your Wedding Photos Printed in Canada

Your wedding photos mean the world – which means you need to find a print provider that makes no compromises on quality and care.  We believe stands out from the competition for their superlative print performance and great value for money. They offer a diverse product range – not just top-quality custom wall decor but also lifestyle accessories such as photo cushions, MixBlox and much more. Their personalized photo prints make touching and inexpensive gifts for a whole host of special occasions – even the most important ones of our lives.

So don’t keep your wedding photos hidden away. Turn them into custom home decorations and you can make those memories an everyday part of your living space.

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