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A White and Rustic Wedding Affair

white wedding decor with rustic wedding table and sofa

Every love story deserves a picturesque setting

When it comes to wedding themes, few combinations evoke the timeless allure and charm quite like the fusion of white and rustic elements. Picture it: a serene backdrop of soft ivory hues set against the warm, earthy tones of reclaimed wood and natural greenery. It’s a symphony of elegance and simplicity, a celebration of love that feels both intimate and grand.

amber esthetics wedding hair and makeup

In the heart of Montreal, where romance meets sophistication, lies a team of wedding specialists dedicated to bringing dream weddings to life. Their latest masterpiece? A breathtaking white and rustic wedding affair that captivates the senses and warms the soul.


Photographer: Xposure Photographie | Flowers and Rentals: Casa D’Eramo | Location: Prima Luna| Gowns & Accessories: Boutique MariClod | Hair & Makeup: Amber Esthetiques | Jewellery: Bijouterie La Voûte |  Invitation: Casa D’Eramo |  Wedding Cake: Pâtisserie Montebello | Concept and design: Casa D’Eramo