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How To Write a Meaningful Wedding Speech

write the perfect wedding speech

The part of the wedding where guests take turns giving long, boring speeches is boring even in the preparation phase. This is often because not all guests take speeches seriously: some turn to trite quotes or recollect inappropriate stories that make everyone feel uncomfortable.

That said, congratulations and toasts are some of the most important moments of the ceremony. In everyday life, we rarely say the essential words out loud, and the wedding is the most appropriate occasion to thank parents for their help, friends for their support, and the groom for being there.

If you are not sure about your strength, you can always address a speech writing service. However, you should at least try your hand at writing it yourself, and we hope our tips will help you with this task.

wedding speech toast

Introduce yourself

Start your speech with a short story: what your name is, how you know the bride/groom, how long you have known each other. There will probably be guests at the wedding that you see for the first time, so a little backstory won’t be out of place. Most importantly, don’t talk about yourself too much: the focus should remain on the newlyweds.

Start with a joke or a funny short story

When you have started talking, everyone has already prepared to be bored and pick a fork in the salad. Lighten the mood with a witty joke or a funny story, but be short and natural. This will help put everyone in a more friendly mood.

Share a touching memory

Your speech will be remembered if it evokes an emotional response. The easiest way to accomplish this is to evoke a sense of nostalgia. Recall how the bride and groom met in high school or tell a touching story about their first date. If in doubt, ask the bride/groom in advance if a specific occasion can be mentioned.

Formulate wishes for the newlyweds

Try to avoid the clichéd “happiness” and “health.” Instead, try to formulate specific wishes: for example, that the bride and groom, if they are avid travelers, send you a postcard. Start with the personal qualities of the newlyweds: What are they interested in? What do they have in common?

bride and groom giving a wedding speech

Thank everyone present

This will emphasize the solemnity of the moment. Thank the newlyweds for the opportunity to share the moment, thank the guests, the couple’s parents, and those who helped prepare the celebration. It will be beautiful.

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