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3 Ways Online Weddings Have Changed Bridal Culture

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Virtual marriages are more than a cost-effective, convenient means of getting married. The choice to have an online wedding has taken the hassle and stress out of wedding planning for many brides. They offer alternative solutions that eliminate the need for all the moving parts that can complicate a ceremony.

Moreover, they’re a major relief for long-distance couples who are unable to marry in person due to being separated by country. In this way, a bride can get married at home with the groom, guests, and officiating clerk joining via live stream.

As more states sign off to legalize online marriages, you’ll soon discover how this new age of technology is changing up the way brides tie the knot. Here’s how at-home weddings are switching up bridal culture:

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  1. Virtual Marriage Certificate

Since weddings can now be conducted online in some states, getting a license online has been made available too. This can be done either by appointment through video conferencing with the county clerk’s office or applying online by filling in the official form and submitting it. As a soon-to-be bride, you and your groom can virtually apply for and obtain a marriage certificate to have your online wedding legally binding. A marriage clerk will need to be present to officiate the online too.

To get started on the process, you’ll need to check your local county laws if they allow online weddings in your state. If it’s permitted, then you can contact the clerk’s office to set up the video call meeting. Make sure you and your fiancé have the necessary documentation with you as verifying your identities and proof of address is an important legal aspect of the application.

  1. Online Dress Shopping

Searching for your dream wedding dress can be one of the more time-consuming parts of wedding planning. Fortunately, if you’re a busy bride with little to no time for in-person shopping, you should take the advantage of a virtual try-on.

The AI-powered online shopping experience was made to cater to those brides who are unable to arrive at boutique stores due to distance. This makes it an ideal match for your online wedding. The chosen dress can then be shipped to you once it’s been bought.

The boutique stores that provide this service are usually accessed via their website where the option is available. Once you’re on their page, you create a three-dimensional avatar or your virtual persona with your body specifications. The avatar will then fit the bridal gown designs of your preference that you click on until you find the one that’s perfect for you.

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  1. Reduced Costs

An online wedding is the most inexpensive choice to get married. So much of bridal culture revolves around the finances of getting your dream ceremony at the fraction of the price. In this way, if you’re a bride on a budget, this can be the game-changer you’ve been waiting for.

Online weddings reduce costs by taking away the need to pay for a venue and catering for guests. The funds can then be directed to financing the wedding dress, food for you and your groom, and decorating the area that’ll be visible during the event. There’s also the option of hiring a band to play music during your reception as a live stream. This removes having to pay for the band’s travel costs too.

Just because your wedding is being streamed doesn’t mean it needs to be bland or plain either. With an online wedding, your imagination and creativity can come to life. You can have that dream destination you’ve always wanted as part of your video backdrop without having to go there in person.

You can choose or design wedding invitations online using graphic design apps with the same formal etiquette and tone as physical ones. When they’re complete, you can send them via email with a schedule link and time for when the online stream will take place. With this, there’s no need to buy envelopes and pay for invites to be sent to guests.

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Getting married online is increasingly becoming a popular choice for long-distant couples and brides wanting simpler wedding planning. The use of technology, especially video teleconferencing and live streaming applications, is what makes this type of ceremony possible.

For bridal culture, the impact can be seen in minimized costs and focusing on the most important features of the wedding. This can be on the dress, choosing a date, and applying for the license to certify the marriage as legally recognized by your state. All of these have the potential to change bridal culture through an innovative and efficient online process.