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Inspiring Ways To Celebrate 24th Wedding Anniversary


There are plenty of ideas on how you can celebrate your 24th anniversary. Here are a few of our favorites to inspire your marriage milestone.

First of all, congratulations on your 24th wedding anniversary! You’re now just a year away from the big “silver” anniversary, and that will call for a special celebration.

However, let’s focus on the present milestone that you both achieved. By now, you may know that anniversaries come in different themes, and usually, some couples like to give gifts according to that theme.

The traditional 24th wedding anniversary theme is the opal. If you want to gift something related to it, you’ll be happy to know that there are many gorgeous opalescent options for gifts.

If you’re not into the traditional themes, you can opt for the modern one. The modern 24th wedding anniversary theme is musical instruments. If your spouse is into music and plays a particular instrument, you can get them a new one or probably buy accessories for the old. However, if your spouse does not play any instrument, do not fret! You can get accessories such as speakers or headphones, make a playlist of their favorite songs and present them with the gift of music.

If you are in a dilemma about which one you should choose – traditional or modern; don’t be! Your 24th-anniversary gift to your spouse should be something that would make both of you fall in love all over again! It doesn’t need to be expensive, intricate, or flashy. Below are a few inspiring ideas to guide you to have the perfect anniversary

1. Renew Your Vows

Marriage vows are promises that one partner makes to the other during wedding ceremonies. You can exchange the same vows and add new ones every year. It’s a great way to express how you feel about each other from day one to 24 years later and so on.

Although it is difficult to host a big gathering during the pandemic restrictions, if you want to celebrate the day with your loved ones, you can arrange a small gathering, dress up in your wedding attire, and exchange the vows, old and new, in front of your family and friends in your own backyard.


2. Candlelight Dinner

You can revisit the restaurant where you had your first date or choose another fine dining area to have a special candlelit dinner. This idea may seem like the most clichéd thing to do on an anniversary, but spending time with each other is what matters.

If you love to cook, you can surprise your spouse with a home-cooked meal in a private and romantic setting. On the other hand, if you want to enjoy luxurious food in the comfort of your home but want to avoid the cooking and cleaning, you can always hire private chefs to make you a restaurant-style three-course meal, and who will also take care of the cleaning.

And if you’re in the mood for just a sandwich, pizza, or burgers, you can always order takeout and enjoy them together while binge-watching a series or movies. Whatever you choose, fine-dining, homemade meals, or takeouts, all are equally good in their own way.

3. Movie Night

If your dates revolve around movies, then make a list and watch them together. You can also watch series of the genre you both enjoy. Grab some popcorn and a fizzy drink and snuggle up for the night. You can also put up a projector screen and enjoy movie night in your own backyard, right beneath the stars. Quite romantic, right?

4. Celebrate With Special Children

You can have a small party arranged to celebrate your milestone with friends, family, and children with disabilities. Usually, during a celebration of a wedding or anniversary, people have the tendency to give gifts to the couple for their special occasion. You can donate those gifts or keep them and arrange food and drinks for all to enjoy.

5. Chocolates and Flowers

This is another clichéd anniversary present but popular nonetheless. Chocolates will never go out of style as a gift. Nowadays, you can also order customized chocolates to make your partner feel extra special.

According to the theme, your 24th-anniversary flower is two dozen lavender-colored roses. Its scent is known to be therapeutic as it eases stress, anxiety and reduces depression.


6. Jewelry

Tanzanite is the gemstone for the 24th wedding anniversary. The color of this stone varies from a rich purple to vibrant violet and blue (although blue is rare). You can gift your spouse necklaces, earrings, bracelets, or rings with this gemstone.

Apart from gemstones, you can gift jewelry embodied with diamonds. Rings are another popular gift to give your spouse marking the success of a milestone achieved. However, it’s important to research the type of diamond ring you want to gift. Gold or platinum bands with studded diamonds are quite popular, whether it is for your engagement or anniversary.

7. Use Your Wedding Gifts

Whether it’s that coffee-maker or a set of dishes you were saving for special occasions, your anniversary day is a perfect day to use these gifts! Bring it all out, wipe the dust and make the most out of all your lovely gifts throughout the day. You can also take pictures with it and send them to the ones who bought them for you. They’ll be thrilled to know that their gifts are finally getting the love they truly deserve rather than being put in boxes or shelves for decoration.

8. Anniversary Photo Shoot

This is the perfect chance to wear your wedding attire again or go shopping for new outfits for your anniversary photo shoot. You can hire a professional to capture the moments throughout the day, or you can click them yourselves by putting your phone on a tripod and installing an app that has a self-timer.


9. Go On A Road Trip

Take a road trip down memory lane to the place you first met or get away from the city for a day. Connect with nature and watch sunsets together on a beach. If you plan to go to the beach, bring along your swimsuits and beach gear to have a fun time sunbathing and soaking up as much vitamin D as possible. Just make sure to follow safety protocols such as wearing masks and applying sanitizers whenever you can, and you’re good to go.

10. Gadgets 

If your spouse needs new headphones or speakers or maybe a smartwatch, then surprise them with what they need on the day of your anniversary. You can also get something both of you can use, such as coffee-maker, Bluetooth speakers, robotic vacuum cleaners, and so on.

11. Gardening

If you both love gardening and are lucky to have a little backyard or lawn space, then devote your time toward tending your little green heaven. You can plant flowers or vegetables, depending on your soil, take out the weeds and water generously. Gardening together allows you and your spouse to spend quality time and reap the fruits of your labor when the time comes for the flowers to bloom and the vine ripe vegetables for the taking.

12. Take Mini-Courses

This is a great way to learn something new that you both can do together. It could be baking classes or dancing lessons. Bake a cake together, and have fun with it. Play with the batter, douse generous amounts of sprinkles, and whipped cream. The goal is to just have fun and also get a sweet treat to enjoy together.


If you want to learn a particular type of dancing such as salsa or tango, join a dance course together and cha-cha-cha yourselves and just have some fun with it!

13. Rejuvenate Yourselves

Take some time out to give yourselves a break. You can have a spa at the comfort of your home, talk about things and just be lethargic. Doing nothing and those quiet, sweet moments can be romantic and peaceful and is a base for a long-lasting happy marriage.

Last Thoughts

Anniversaries are a perfect way to reconnect with your spouse and relive your fairy tale all over again. In today’s busy world, life zooms by like a rollercoaster followed by many ups and downs. Work, kids, school, home all become a ball for you to juggle every day and for the rest of your life. Among all those factors, you miss out on spending time with your spouse.

You deserve a break! Both of you do! Therefore, take the time out and be strong enough to avoid all work, chores, and kids. Plan ahead of time, hire a babysitter or send your kids to their grandparents. Forget everything and focus on how you can make your 24th wedding anniversary better than last year. Rekindle the old flame and let it burn for the rest of your lives together.