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The Ultimate Guide to Planning the Perfect Honeymoon

Planning your honeymoon

If you have recently popped the question or said ‘yes,’ you’ll likely be turning your attention to your wedding preparations. With many tasks to attend to, getting matters underway early is a good idea and will save you the stress of making last-minute bookings and managing the various elements before you.

From booking your dream venue, sending out your invitations, finding the perfect wedding dress, and organizing an awesome bachelorette party, overseeing all the moving parts of your big day can feel overwhelming. If there’s one thing we can all agree on, it is picking the destination for your honeymoon.

honeymoon beach destination

After the culmination of all your wedding planning has reached its zenith and all the joy, excitement and celebration surrounding your union has subsided, what better way to slip into marital bliss than by spending some well-needed holiday time together as a newly married couple? In this article, we’ve outlined some key things to consider to help you plan the perfect honeymoon.

honeymoon destination

Decide Your Destination

With the whole world to choose from it can be difficult to know where to begin. Unless you are planning a destination wedding, which gives you the opportunity to explore the city or the country you are in, you and your partner will need to decide where to go.

When it comes to honeymoons, there’s no one size that fits all. A good place to start is by creating a list of the type of honeymoon you both wish to experience. Would you like to relax and unwind on a white, sandy beach somewhere warm surrounded by crystal clear waters, sunbathing, sailing and snorkeling? Or would you prefer a more adventurous break such as hiking through the mountains, going on a safari or undertaking various outdoor activities? Once you agree on an overall theme for your honeymoon it is worth considering the best time to book a honeymoon.

Arrange Experiences

Once you have your dates and destination in mind, begin thinking of some experiences you would both like to share on your honeymoon and arrange these in advance together or as a surprise for your partner. This could be a candlelight dinner for two in a vineyard or overlooking the sunset on a beach. Tickets to your partner’s favorite show or a couple’s massage at a spa are some other romantic touches you could incorporate along your way.


Treat Yourself

Your honeymoon will be the holiday of a lifetime, and one which you will both look back on fondly for years to come. If there is ever a time to pay a little extra and treat yourselves it would be now.

Indulge in the bliss of holiday time together by choosing a little more luxury than you usually would. For example, rather than a four-star hotel choose to stay in a five-star, or upgrade your flights to business class or first, if your budget allows. Often, these perks needn’t cost you a fortune as it is possible to spend affordably while taking advantage of honeymoon freebies and upgrades. Below are some handy hints you can employ:

  • Announce your newlywed status at the airport check-in desk. Flight attendants often upgrade honeymoon couples or at least prioritize them when deciding who to give any available seats to.
  • Call the hotel you are staying at when booking and mention you will be there on your honeymoon. Most hotels will do what they can to make your stay more memorable. This could include a complimentary room upgrade, a dinner for two, champagne and chocolates on your arrival or free spa treatments.
  • Mention it is your honeymoon when making reservations such as restaurant bookings as you are more likely to have a romantic table laid out for you and a complimentary glass of champagne to toast the occasion.
planning the perfect honeymoon

Capture Memories

When it comes to packing your travel essentials, alongside your passport remember to pack your camera or selfie-sticks. Your honeymoon will be a time when you and your partner will create memories that last a lifetime. Having these on film is something you can both share together long after the moment has passed.

Whether you are planning on using your smartphone or a full-frame DSLR,  remember to find the right balance between appreciating the present moment with your partner and taking photos of your time together.

honeymoon capture memories

To create a honeymoon album that fully encapsulates your romance, consider having a honeymoon photoshoot where the two of you can be photographed together in your chosen location, capturing beautiful and lasting memories of your time together on your romantic getaway.

With these tips, you are much closer to finding your dream destination and creating the perfect honeymoon you will remember forever.