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4 Mistakes To Avoid When Hiring A Wedding Videographer

tips on hiring a videographer

A wedding is one of the most memorable days of a couple’s life, and so it’s understandable how much they want the beautiful memories to be captured perfectly on video. With the many aspects of preparing a wedding, choosing your contractor for your videos should remain a high priority on your list. After all, getting married could happen only once in your life, and you’d want to reminisce on the most special day by rewatching your wedding video in the future.

Fortunately, due to technology, social media, word-of-mouth, and other resources, you can always find a Vancouver wedding videographer. It could lead to a disaster, though, if you fail to execute the right ways in selecting the best provider. Hence, it’s imperative to be clear of the possible mistakes when booking a professional videographer.

Get to know some of the most common mistakes to avoid when hiring a wedding videographer:

tips on hiring a videographer

1. Dwelling On The Price Tag 

Many couples set a budget and stick to it to ensure that they can afford the entire wedding. While the price is essential, there’s so much more to selecting a videographer.

The quality of the footage usually determines prices. It’s always the case when the professionals charge higher than the amateur and rookies in the industry. Most videographers come with assistants and co-videographers, too, which can add to their high price.

Hiring a professional wedding videographer can be the best investment for your most important day. Hence, it’s essential to set a reasonable and realistic budget. Don’t go stingy and settle for low-quality services, as this will only dissatisfy you and your other half. Determine the best amount you can afford and leave out some extra bucks for optional or additional services.

Assess the other wedding elements, and perhaps you can shift the budget towards your photo and videos instead, considering that these moments last a lifetime. Having said that, it’s never a good idea to compromise the quality of your wedding videography. Don’t dwell on the price tag and prioritise quality. Plan a beautiful wedding and prioritising your photo and video outputs.

tips on hiring a videographer

2. Being Unclear With The Details  

Another mistake that couples usually make is failing to communicate to the videographer about the video output, style, effects, and other details that they want to achieve. Some couples leave them out and rely on the videographer, only to feel dissatisfied later on because their expectations weren’t met. What’s best for your videographer may not be your cup of tea, which is why you need to be transparent with what you want to achieve.

Although videographers already know how to set things up and go about the entire filming, there might be some details that you want to emphasize. Communicate them to your videographer so that the results will be as you envisioned. Nobody can read minds, so speaking out your mind and thoughts is essential. For instance, share what after-effects templates you’d like for your wedding video opener.

tips on hiring a videographer

3. Failure To Check Their Portfolio 

One of the most common mistakes when hiring professional videographers is not checking out their portfolio. A wedding videography service is priced heftily, so reviewing their past projects and samples makes complete sense.

Videographers will express differing styles for each type of wedding. Viewing their past works will give you an idea of how your videos will be like. For instance, would you like it if the videographer loves to pan the camera around a lot? Before making a hiring decision, look through a photographer’s portfolio to ensure their style matches your own.

tips on hiring a videographer

4. Foregoing Contracts 

Many couples fail to sign a legal contract when hiring a wedding videographer. Your wedding video is one of the most crucial outputs of the occasion. You should always make sure that any arrangements and agreements with your wedding videographer are in writing.

By doing this, many misunderstandings will be avoided, and potential issues will be sorted out quickly. This also protects both parties as all the details can be pointed out in the written agreement. Include the services covered, the specific output, delivery time, and other necessary details.


The couple won’t be able to preserve the memories of the most memorable day of their lives without pictures and videos. Hence, it’s crucial to hire an excellent professional videographer who can accommodate your needs and expectations. Knowing the common mistakes to avoid, such as those mentioned above, makes you likely to have a better experience and a wedding video of a lifetime.