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How To Create A Cohesive Theme For Your Wedding

Exchanging wedding vows is a sacred thing that defines your promise of love everlasting. Before the big day, your wedding entails careful planning and preparation, which includes making your theme cohesive. As much as you want your wedding to be elegant and unforgettable, you don’t want to distract people’s attention away from you because of too many elements going on in your wedding attire or venue décor. 

Below are some tips to help you create a cohesive theme for your wedding.

wedding ceremony arch for a cohesive wedding theme

Choose Elegant But Simple Wedding Attire  

Avoid too many intricate details in your wedding attire. While your wedding venue has to lavish and glittering décor, you may want to tone it down with a simple yet very elegant wedding gown. 

You can make it elegant even with simple details by considering the cut to highlight your shoulders, neck, or bust line. More cleavage doesn’t mean sexier because you can look sexy even without exposing too much skin. 

Match Your Engagement And Wedding Rings 

When choosing your wedding ring, make sure that it matches your engagement ring. Most brides want these two rings together. Decide on your best preference for wearing these rings so you can make the right choice of ring style, material, stone cut, and size.  

Choose a wedding ring that you can use for many years of your married life. Consider the possibility of gaining weight, so you might want to invest in an adjustable wedding ring or an extra size larger than your current ring size. You can talk to your jeweler to find the best wedding ring for you.

Choose Desserts To Serve With Your Wedding Cake  

One of the focal points of a wedding reception is the wedding cake. Therefore, you might want to create a cohesive theme by choosing unique wedding desserts to serve with your cake.  

Here are some unique wedding desserts you can try for an elegant wedding: 

  • Eclairs  
  • Cream puffs 
  • Waffles  
  • Macaroons 
  • Cupcakes 
  • Chocolate truffles 
  • Chocolate-dipped strawberries 
macarons for a wedding dessert table
naked wedding cake for a cohesive wedding theme
wedding cupcakes

Implement The Best Wedding Flower Matches 

Flowers are versatile wedding design elements. You can use them as a basis or focal point for your other décor pieces, and even your shoes and accessories. Here’s how you can apply the best wedding flower matches: 

  • Match Flowers With Your Motif: If you’re planning to use yellow roses as your wedding flowers, you can match them with your motif, such as yellow gold or sunny yellow, depending on your preference. Your bridesmaids and flower girls can wear your chosen motif in any design they prefer to maintain their uniqueness. 
  • Match Flowers With Your Wedding Shoes: If you’re into shades of blue, a tropical cascade of bright blue orchids, Asiatic lilies, and ranunculus makes for a perfect wedding bouquet. Match it with your royal blue high-heel wedding shoes for a unique and elegant look. 
  • Maintain A Uniform Flower Element: For a spring wedding, tulip is a versatile flower that can enhance your elegant wedding setting, from table arrangements, to boutonnieres, to your wedding bouquet. On the other hand, you can embrace the warm autumn tones with orange, deep yellow, and dusty pink blooms for your bridal bouquet. 

Choose Simple Yet Elegant Wedding Favors  

Wedding favors, tokens, or giveaways remind your guests about your memorable day. They also play a part in your long table wedding design. While they may look tiny, they can also be expensive, especially if you’re expecting many guests.  

For a cohesive wedding theme, you can keep your wedding favors simple yet elegant, and not hard on the pocket. Most wedding favors only serve as displays. However, you can always try new or rare ones. Here are some examples of wedding favors that guests appreciate: 

  • Personalized art crafts made by the wedding couple  
  • Homemade sweets, cookies, or cupcakes wrapped in elegant boxes 
  • Useful items, such as refrigerator door magnets or coffee mugs  
wedding favour

Be Consistent

Whether you want a summer beach, royalty, or a Bohemian wedding theme, make sure to be consistent. Make everything cohesive—your wedding attire, flower arrangement, food selections, décor, table arrangement, and music. Regardless if you’re doing all the wedding preparations yourself or you have a dedicated wedding organizer, make sure to know your options before you make final decisions.


Make your wedding theme cohesive to make your family, friends, and guests feel more inspired, focusing more on the memories rather than the not-so-perfect details of your attire or reception. You can attain a cohesive wedding theme by blending your wedding flowers, motif, and reception decors. Be consistent and allow the natural flow of your wedding theme to flourish, making your wedding day memorable and happy.

wedding couple for a cohesive wedding theme