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Puppy Love: 9 Adorable Dog-themed Wedding Ideas

bring your dog to your wedding

Dogs are one of the most (if not the most) beloved pets of all time. They are loyal, playful, and too darn adorable. Too cute, perhaps, that some pet parents go as far as including their furry friend in the most important event of their life – their wedding! What better way to honor their unconditional love than adding them as part of this very special moment, right?

dogs involved in the wedding

Involving pet dogs as wedding party members is fun and exciting. They instantly add good vibes and positive energy to any affair. There are a lot of creative ways how you can inject dog-related elements into your wedding. You can even tag them in person as part of the entourage, doggie duties, and all. One note of caution, though: you’re still dealing with an animal, so make sure that your lovely ball of fur is fit to join If you’re a couple looking for ways how to tie in your pooch to your big day, then this article is for you. Scroll down for some delightful inspirations that you can try.

bring your dog at your wedding

They aren’t called man’s best friend for nothing. Some pet parents truly consider their dogs as part of their family, their best friends, even. Have your dog stand in as the “dog of honor” instead of the usual human pal. You can dress the dog up in a tux or if it’s not comfortable with costumes, a stylish bandana will do. Just make sure that your dog is trained for this and is not prone to stress in big crowds. The pup’s utmost comfort should be the number one priority.

fun dog at your wedding

Paw-shion Buddy

If your doggie is fine with dressing up, you can dress it according to your motif. Put a spin on the classic pastel wedding theme and glam up your doggy in soft-colored attire. It will go perfectly well with your female entourage in mint green bridesmaid dresses. For the gentlemen, they can wear personalized pocked squares with an image of your dog peeking on them.

puppy involved in your wedding

Tail-wagging Treats

Another charming way to incorporate your beloved dog into the wedding is by providing puppy-inspired treats to all the guests. Personalized cookies with your dog’s likeness or cupcakes with dog designs. You can allocate a doggie dessert bar just for this. They would look too cute to eat but will turn the heads of your sweet-toothed guests, young and old alike.

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Bowwow Bar

Here’s something to toast about: a bar inspired by your furry bestie. Instead of the usual cocktail, ask your bartender to concoct signature drinks named after your lovable pet. You can do this for both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.

If you want to stick to regular drinks, use a doggie standee for the menu instead.

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Printed Pups

Instead of the typical printed name on paper, take your place cards to a cuter level with dog cutout place cards. There are lots of different dog breed silhouettes you can use to make it more interesting. Use different colored papers to make it livelier. If you want a more creative approach, you can commission an artist to paint your dog and then use the artwork for printed elements of the wedding including the place cards, save the dates, the invitations, and the menu.

Go the extra mile and have your puppies printed on napkins. They are a stunning addition to your tablescape and can also be collected by the guests.

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Cutie Cake

Add more personality to your wedding cake by including a doggie topper on it. It’s cute, creative, and extremely sentimental. It’s a wonderful way to express how your dog is truly a significant part of your happy ever after. You can also add more dog-inspired elements to the cake like paw prints or more humorous approaches like playful dog figurines.

Dogs in Weddings

Wedding Paw-tography

Immortalize your big day with your best fur bud. Include it in the photos, staged and candid. Dogs are extremely photogenic that’s why you’re sure to have wonderful images to look at whenever you feel like walking down memory lane.

Bride and Groom Walking Dog Down the Aisle

Darling Ring Bearer

Another doggie duty you can assign to your bestie is carrying your wedding rings. You can have the rings attached to its collar or have a special suit with the ring pillow attached to the back. Again, your dog must be well-trained to do this task. If you’re not that confident, you can have another member of the entourage (someone your dog is familiar with) walk down the aisle with it. Best to have a leash ready to avoid the possibility of the pooch running away or getting too excited and rowdy

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Doggo Treasure

Even your wedding favors can be doggie inspired. Give away charming dog figurines or printed pouches of goodies. You can also have some of those doggie cookies in the dessert bar as your gift to the guests.