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7 Tips for Engagement Ring Online Shopping

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Buying an engagement ring can seem daunting since you might have to depend on subtle and not-so-evident hints you pick about the preferences of your fiancé-to-be. However, help from the right people and a little research might be all you need to explore your options in diamond engagement rings. Here are some valuable tips that can help ease this process for you.

online wedding ring shopping

7 Tips for Engagement Ring Online Shopping

  • Know the 4C’s of Diamonds

The 4C’s of a diamond can tell a lot about its overall quality. These quality aspects are the diamond’s cut, color, clarity, and carat. When choosing a diamond, it is recommended to zero in on a stone with an ideal cut so that it is brilliant and offers the most fire. In terms of color, the most expensive and rarest types of diamonds are those with no color. If you want to save money when buying a colorless diamond, you can settle for a diamond that falls in the range of G-I rather than D-F. While there’s a difference between them in terms of quality, diamonds from both these ranges look nearly colorless to the naked eye.

If you plan to buy an engagement ring that boasts a diamond with nearly no blemishes or inclusions, you can pick a VS1 or VS2 clarity diamond, which is known to offer the best value. Since the first 3 Cs, which are cut, color, and clarity have a greater influence on how your diamond looks, you can consider the 4th factor, that is, carat based on your budget once you’ve considered the other 3 factors.

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Choose the Center Stone Before the Ring

The center stone takes precedence over other aspects of the ring because it is the diamond that decides both the worth and shine of your ring. And when making a decision while buying an engagement ring, you would definitely want the most brilliant diamond. To make sure your diamond packs the right amount of fire, you must know more about the cut quality of the diamond. It is recommended to avoid diamonds with a too shallow or too deep cut as both have a low and sharp angle of reflection respectively. Opting for a diamond with a larger table can be a great idea as such diamonds have a beautiful spark

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Look for Certified Stone

As a smart buyer, you should always ask your seller to provide you with the lab certification of the stone. The certificate helps you identify all of the characteristics of the diamond, making sure you get everything that is advertised to yo

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Choose a Metal for the Stone

There are four types and colors of metals that are preferred choices in diamond rings, which are platinum, yellow gold, white gold, and rose gold. When deciding what setting metal to go for, you should consider your fiancé’s preference. You can take a hint from the jewelry she generally wears to figure out what metal she might like. Platinum is a great choice for those who wear silver jewelry. However, if you’re looking for a more reasonable alternative to platinum, you can consider white gold. People with an inclination for a more modern style would love rose gold, while yellow gold can be your choice of setting metal if you want the engagement ring to look more traditional.

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Choose the Right Setting

Deciding the setting of the stones essentially depends on how well it would complement your partner’s personality. With options ranging from solitaires and vintage to halo engagement rings, you have plenty of choices. If your partner would like a unique ring, you can get your ring customized to suit her taste. And if your fiancé-to-be has a hands-on job, you can opt for a ring in a flush or bezel setting so that the diamond does not protrude as much.

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Set the Budget

While buying an engagement ring is a once-in-a-lifetime moment, it is no surprise that it can be a bit on the dear side. This is why it helps to set the budget considering your financial situation. Once you have a price range in mind, it gets easier to navigate through buying a ring while accommodating your fiancé’s likes, preferences, and desires. It also offers you more clarity and makes it a less stressful and anxiety-inducing affair. Therefore, before you head out to find that perfect engagement ring, you should consider your financial situation. Moreover, specifying your budget makes it easier for the seller to give you the right options to choose from based on how much you decide to spend.

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Choose the Dealer Wisely

Given most people may not be familiar with aspects related to the quality of diamonds, it helps when your dealer steps in to help you find a ring for your partner. And when you’re buying from the right dealer, they make sure that you know everything about the engagement ring, from stones to metal. This is why you should explore your options and do a little bit of research before choosing a dealer. A reliable dealer would want to communicate with you to know your exact requirements and address your queries while helping you make a choice when you’re confuse


Before you get to the actual task of shopping for an engagement ring, it helps to know the basics of engagement rings, the types of stones you can consider, and what makes diamonds expensive, high-quality, and dazzling. Buying an engagement ring is something you wouldn’t want to rush into, so you should take your time to explore your options, consider and work around your budget, and learn about your partner’s preferences to make the right decision. While there’s much hype around the “perfect” engagement ring, it is best to make the process more personal and find something that is meaningful to you and your loved one rather than following laid-out rules.