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6 Personalized Gift Ideas For Groomsmen for 2021

gift ideas for your groomsmen

Marriage is one of the most exciting events in life. That’s why most people want to make the most out of it. And to make your wedding day a memorable one, you have to plan several things carefully. There’s the guest list, the venue, the decorations, the food, and even the documentation to think about. Amid the needed preparations, brides can make the whole wedding experience even better by finding great bridesmaids and groomsmen gifts. Good gifts not only can make groomsmen happy but will also delight your groom upon realizing that you made an effort to make his best mates feel appreciated. The good news is that almost every groomsman gift company in the United States ships internationally. For instance, Utah’s ships to Canada. That said, you now have more options for groomsmen gifts than ever before. 

While it’s true that a good gift isn’t about how much you spend on it, but rather how it impacts the one receiving it, finding the best presents for groomsmen can be challenging. Ideally, you should show appreciation through cool or unique gifts. So that you can avoid the boring ones, we’ve listed the most creative groomsmen gift ideas for you below.

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1. Personalized flasks 

Every guy wants a flask, and personalized flasks make everything a little swankier. It’s the perfect way to thank your groom’s mates for what they’re doing for your partner through the years. Of course, it’s a good idea to give your groom his own personalized flask so that he and his best friends can celebrate their brotherhood together throughout the wedding weekend. One quirky way to personalize the flasks for your wedding’s groomsmen is to print a cartoon version of their faces into the stainless steel. A cartoon version of their faces is cool enough, placing them onto a flask? Awesome! All you need to do is provide high-quality photos of the groomsmen to the supplier, and they’ll create a wonderful caricature out of it for you. Send at least two photos of each groomsman, and wait for the supplier’s artists to provide a masterpiece.

Remember, though, that it’s bad luck to gift someone with an empty flask, even if it has a personalized design.

groom with his groomsmen

2. Custom photo collage mug 

Drinker groomsmen would love personalized flasks for sure. But how about the non-drinker mates of the groom? It may be hard to fathom, but, yes, there are male adults out there who don’t drink. A custom photo collage mug is the best, most creative way to go about the perfect present for them. A collage mug is surely a thing non-drinker dudes will definitely dig, whether you select photos showing their most important moments in your and your groom’s life or some of their random funny pics.

groom with his groomsmen

3. Gentleman’s box

Sometimes, brides have to think outside the box to find the most appropriate groomsman gift for some people. Why not give your wedding’s groomsmen a subscription box? Why give only one present when it’s possible to give at least three gifts in one go? Subscription boxes are extremely popular, with the number of such services already reaching 3,500 in 2018. (1) It’s a good idea to gift your groom’s best friends with at least a year subscription to a gentleman’s box. In each box, they’ll find ties, socks, lifestyle accessories, grooming essentials, and other goodies they’ll surely love.

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4. Foot deodorant 

Since you’ve already added a pair of socks as one of the goodies inside the gentleman’s box, you might as well want to consider giving your wedding’s groomsmen a foot deodorant. Sure, foot deodorants don’t do as much in making your wedding’s groomsmen feel amazing with their physical look throughout the day, but it’s no doubt still an essential personal care product for male adults. With no more stinky feet, your partner’s mates can be the most confident versions of themselves.

5. Engraved pocket knife 

There’s no doubt that a high-quality pocket knife is a manly item. That’s why it’s another gift to consider in our list of groomsmen present ideas.  Of course, you’d want to make this common gift option unique by putting a personalized spin on it. One way to achieve that is to have the knife laser engraved either on the blade itself or the handle. Engrave the groomsman’s name, the word ‘groomsman’ on it, or any word or message that you know the giftee will appreciate. Don’t worry if some of the groomsmen aren’t fans of knives because this personalized gift can be used as a memento or functionally—it’s completely up to the giftee.

5. Memberships or subscriptions 

Instead of a subscription for the gentleman’s box or any box full of men’s stuff, you can also buy your groom’s best friends a month or year of subscription for a specific service. Maybe get them subscribed to a music service or upgrade their current local gym subscription? Giving them credit for a photography class or a course that will allow them to explore a new hobby or expand an interest they already have is also a good idea, considering that the online education market’s value is projected to be at USD$350 billion by 2025. (2)


With many online courses, you’ll surely find one or more that your wedding’s groomsmen will find interesting. After all, the best presents for men are those that help them better themselves.

Final thoughts 

For sure, the groomsmen in your wedding are individuals who have supported you and your partner for a long time. Don’t let them down when it’s time to find gifts for them. Hopefully, the recommendations in this post can help you really show your appreciation to your groom’s best mates.

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