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The Best Wedding Venue: A Pre-Wedding Task Preparation Guide

wedding hotel task guide

The wait is over; you are finally getting married. You are preparing for your wedding, one of the most celebrated events in a couple’s life.

It is once in a lifetime and a momentous event that not only the couple but almost everyone around you are excited and looking forward to it. Preparations are equally exciting for everyone, especially for the couple.

Wedding preparations are undeniably taxing and often stressful. The long list of the things to prepare is overwhelming. There are documents to prepare, the theme, the entourage, guests, the outfits, venues, and many more. To lessen your burden, here’s a simple guide on the best places for the reception on your big day. It would certainly help you decide on the venue hunt.

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Event Center

First of all, be clear about what type of wedding you want, grand or simple, and you should also know your wedding theme first. If you want to hold a grand wedding with hundreds of guests, a function or an event center is one of the best-recommended places. These facilities can accommodate any event, including weddings, and they have flexible function spaces.

To hold your wedding in this kind of venue helps you in a lot of things. You can choose the size of the room, or you can customize room capacity according to your number of guests and according to the theme of your wedding. You don’t need to worry about their services because they have the expertise and experienced workforce to handle the event.

They also have the flexibility of venue layout or wedding theme because they’ve handled many of them already. Most of all, you can always get spaces that fit your budget because of their flexible rooms and services. The best wedding venue doesn’t have to be expensive to be perfect for your celebration.

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Hosting your wedding reception in a hotel is another excellent option for your big day. But you have to consider the pros and cons before making the critical decision, and these are some of them:


  • Room blocks for out-of-town guests – If you have out-of-town guests, you do not have to worry about their hotel bookings. You can conveniently book them in the same venue and get room block discounts.
  • Bonus room and guests’ transportation – Depending on your package, you can get one or two bonus rooms where you can do your pre-wedding preparations. You can also get inhouse transportation if desired.
  • Post-wedding event – You or your guests can hold a post-wedding activity like coffee or tea sessions, a pool party, etc. It can be a more intimate get-together or celebration right where you held your wedding, which is very convenient to everyone.

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  • Limited theme options – You might have many wishes, but you have limited options for themes. Hotel themes are limited depending on the space, the theme itself, the number of guests, or what is available and doable for them.
  • Limited vendor flexibility – Some hotels restrict all vendors except their own. Like you can not bring in your own photographer/videographer, wedding planners, program hosts, food caterer, etc.
  • Restrictive wedding packages – Hotels have their wedding packages, and of course, they will only hire out their place when you select one of their packages. Sometimes, you like the place but not the packages or vice versa. Sometimes it’s the choices of food that you are constrained to. And since they often do not allow outside vendors, you can not bring in the food you love serving your guests.

Tropical Beach

It is a very romantic idea to hold your wedding day on a tropical beach; indeed, if you have this theme, either one or both of you love the beach. But outside of the romanticism of the place, you should also consider some other factors before deciding to have a beach wedding.

  • The Weather – it’s a no-brainer, but be reminded that beach weddings are best in the summertime. Of course, you do not want to ruin your day when you get wet because of monsoon rains. But at this time, when you have unpredictable weather changes, best to always have a close monitor on weather forecasts. With this, you can at least do some necessary preparations or adjustments for some inconveniences.
  • Proximity to the place – Except if you provide transportation or room accommodation, you have to consider your guests’ travel time and convenience. Not only them, but you also have to consider your time in ocular inspection and site visits of your vendors.
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Make your wedding a happy and memorable day in your life. It is one of the most anticipated events but will also test your maturity and patience. To lessen the challenge, make your preparations more organized. Make the necessary canvass, sourcing, inquiries, negotiations and most of all, conduct site visits and inspections for your venue.

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