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Military watches: Why they are increasingly popular as a grooms gift

military watch for your groom

Looking for a perfect gift for your groom? Consider buying him a military watch, it will push his limits!

What is a military watch? A military watch is a watch made for the military. The meaning of the military watch has a long and important history throughout the great world wars.

In the late 1800s, soldiers began to put their pocket watches on their wrists for convenience. As the story goes, a German naval officer was unable to check the time from his pocket watch because both hands were busy operating a machine gun. To remedy this, the officer fastened a pocket watch to his wrist using a leather cap with a membrane to support it. Thus, the first “wristwatch” was born. Show your new watch to your friends and colleagues, they will want one too after seeing all the functions it has. Take a look at these models.

watches for your groom
perfect wedding gift for a groom
military watches for a groom

Surprisingly, there was a massive market for military watches during the post-war era. In fact, it became known as an accessory for wealthy young people. Therefore, the military watch became popular with the masses.

Military watches were so versatile in style and design.

Even to this day, companies like Bell & Ross continue to produce their own military watch.

best military watches for a groom
best military watches

Some of the best military watches to consider.

Suunto Core Black Military watch

The Suunto Core Black Military Altimeter military watch has some of the most sophisticated tools on the market, so you don’t have to worry about getting it wet or dirty.

Garmin Tactix Charlie military watch

The Garmin Tactix Charli watch is suitable for military, tactical, hiking, mountaineering, or everyday use if you want to keep time under control. It has GPS which is perfect for tactical enthusiasts. In addition, it has a very durable casing that is protected by stainless steel. The lens is made of sapphire glass, ensuring superb durability and shock resistance.

cool military watches
military watch for groom

Casio G-Shock GA-100A-7AER

The G-Shock GA-100A-7AER watch, like previous models (like the GA-100B-4AER), is one of the most sought-after and practical watches on the market. It is available in 4 different colors: black with silver writing, black with gold writing, white and navy blue. In terms of resistance, the watch is covered by a resin case that offers the highest resistance to shocks, vibrations, strong impacts and magnetic fields. Likewise, the resin strap and mineral glass promise durability and scratch resistance.

If you want a watch that is strong and resilient, then a military watch is the answer.

nordgreen military watches
nordgreen military watches
nordgreen military watches
nordgreen military watches