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More and more couples want to personalize their wedding ceremony. Here are a few tips to help you get started.

The fairytale begins with a pledge of devotion, a promise of forever, and an unforgettable ceremony that says: love never fails. Create the perfect ambiance for the most important event of your life with careful attention to detail. What colours, what type of seating, and what kind of set up do you like? Will your reception take place indoors or outdoors? What is your wedding theme? The wedding ceremony is a prelude to a day of your dreams. Design this sacred space with the dreamy effect of the sheer draping, soft lighting, and the sweet scents of flowers. Each unique element weaves one aspect of your wedding to the next.

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1. Enlist a team of specialists who will make sure to bring your dreams to life.

The florist will create masterpieces that are in line with your theme. Tall vases, bright blooms, rare seasonal flowers, and elegant floral arrangements spread beauty throughout your venue…and interesting scents lead you all the way to the altar. This is the highlight of the wedding day. Decide how you want your aisle to look. Consider how the attendants and you will walk down the aisle to reach the focal point of the day—the place where you will exchange vows.

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2. What type of ceremony arch are you looking for

Do you want your space to be framed by flowers or lined with sheer draping? Will you have an altar, an arch, a chuppah? Will your ceremony be outdoors or indoors? Build this structure around your vision. Light is a key element of the ceremony which should be discussed with your specialist. And then there are the flowers. Most ceremonies include flowers, creatively displayed in a number of ways. An open-air arbor features colourful flowers and other elements in keeping with your theme, such as seashells or leaves. Each unique location has its own set of natural elements. When you design your altar to fit the natural surroundings the results are spectacular. From a rustic aisle runner to a pathway filled with rose petals, your walk down the aisle is the most sacred moment of the day.

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Pampas Grass Wedding Arch

3. Decorate your space

Decorate your ceremony with hanging crystals and a dramatic backdrop. Create a structure of densely covered roses and garlands, floral arches, and an aisle flanked with peonies, roses and carnations. Walk down a flagstone pathway lined with geraniums, or get married under a gazebo decorated with hundreds of votives. Consider the chairs where your guests will be seated. Do you want covered chairs, ghost chairs, or elegant plush chairs reminiscent of another century to complement your decor? Do you picture towering candle sticks, decorative vases, and the soft touch of draping? Would you like a white or coloured runner? Whether your wedding ceremony will be held indoors or out, create a space that is magical.

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