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5 Wedding Themes That Have Proved Popular in 2022

When you are planning to have a wedding, you will have to start with finding your life partner. Together, you will decide on the venue and date of the wedding based on preference and choice. Other than the venue and date of the wedding, the couples are expected to settle on a particular wedding theme. Couples are always advised to select the wedding theme early to craft and shape the wedding day, from tables, color themes and décor ideas to dresses and attire.

The bride and groom have to stick to no fast and hard rules on a particular theme. Couples have the right to choose whatever theme they feel comfortable with or create one of their own. Read through to learn some tricks for selecting a wedding theme and see some great wedding theme ideas to try.

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This is the best place for couples looking forward to being pacesetters in wedding dress trends or willing to try something new and different. The secret is to remain stylish and chic hence the need for maintaining elegance and simplicity. Below are proven wedding themes you need to keep your eye on as you plan for your wedding.

Bridgerton-inspired theme

Most people fell in love immediately with the sets, elite gossip and extravagant costumes seen in the famous Bridgeton series. However, the most important element of the show is the effect it has on the romantic wedding décor, inspiring most 2022 weddings. The right definition of a perfect venue for this type of wedding theme is a grand Georgian that brings the feeling of entering into the ton.

With the Prussian blue color palette and pastel for the linens and table runners, you will activate the regency era. Infuse with lush green florals and foliage to soften the wood colors. Incorporate hydrangeas in floral installations, buttonholes, bouquets and flower walls.

bridgerton wedding theme
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bridgerton wedding theme

Beach wedding theme

The Beach wedding theme is among the most known and respected themes that will bring smiles to many faces. It is fantastic considering the fact that it can merge the season and destination altogether. You can improvise your vintage ideas and mix colors to fit the beach wedding theme. Like with the sunflower wedding, the beach sand and sun will tie everything together.

However, you must consider three main aspects to plan a successful beach wedding: ceremony backdrop, location and seating. The seating should be planned when the sun is almost down, late in the afternoon. Always have a ceremony backdrop, even though you have the ocean as your natural background. For privacy, be keen to select the right beach since most are public.

beach wedding
beach wedding
beach wedding

Multi-sensory experience wedding theme

This theme will capture the five senses of the guests with the sound, scents, textures, tastes and colors of the wedding. It starts with the sense of touch through the invitation (creating a unique and different experience). Decorate and add other materials like metallic foils, velvet-pressed flower paper or thick parchment. Welcome your guests with different appetizers and an assortment of cocktails. Go for an unusual effect by combining spicy notes with different flavors in the meal.

Create a custom blend of perfume and spray in different locations of the venue to brighten up your big day. Complement the spray with multiple flowers and scented candles to create an unforgettable experience

Chic wedding theme

This is the right theme for couples who want something more than a traditional wedding theme. Therefore, you must be ahead of time and trends while taking bold risks. Inspiration and confidence will play an important role to pull up this kind of modern wedding.

Go with the autumn harvest focusing on more vibrant, natural colors to create a perfect wedding theme. Wood, leafy, stone, and metal colors will look great against the vivid orange of the pumpkin. Ensure you have consulted the rustic wedding theme for décor accessories and items like hay bale seats, rope lights, and barrels.

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Humans, animals, and the earth are at risk whenever a wedding happens. To reduce the risks that weddings pose to Mother Nature, couples can choose an environmentally-friendly idea as their wedding theme. This style is becoming common among environmentally conscious individuals.

The first step is to go with digital invites to prevent the use of paper hence advocating the protection of trees. The couples can reuse or recycle décor to reduce waste on the earth. To preserve animal lives, the wedding will go vegan. Also, you can choose a green venue and build decors like botanical gardens, a greenhouse and wineries with a scenic backdrop.

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