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Secrets Of Organizing a Wedding If the Bride Is Still a Student

Bride planning a wedding when she's a student

Secrets Of Organizing a Wedding If the Bride Is Still a Student

Planning a wedding while you’re still a student can be complicated if you don’t know where to start. Plus, you’ve got to understand that you’re not the only one in charge of it. Yes, the bride does most of the work, but your partner and parents should be supportive. They should guide you and help you throughout the whole process (that in case the wedding is not a secret). In case it is, make sure your partner is involved enough to help you get through this process.

To be completely honest with you, organizing a wedding while you’re still a student is not an easy job, so it must be carefully planned. If you are not on top of things and are not sure which way you’re heading, it might become a disaster. Therefore, you should be well-prepared in advance. Here are the top ten secrets of organizing your wedding while in college.

Secret #1. Map out a schedule and stick to it

The first take you need to take is to set up a well-organized schedule. Your college organization skills will come in handy here, especially if you’ve never planned a wedding before. Mapping out a detailed plan that works won’t be easy and it might take you a while, but once you have it, you’re ready to start. Don’t try to rearrange your schedule too many times, even when it’s tempting. Don’t multitask either.

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Secret #2. Plan everything ahead – I mean, everything

Planning for a wedding is crucial, so make sure you’re on it. If you decide to have your wedding in the next two weeks, you might be too overwhelmed to enjoy it. Set the date, book the venue, and once you have that, try to organize everything else around it. Planning is essential for your academic life, too. If you don’t know how to work around your schedule and make the best of your free time, you might end up disappointed with the results and most importantly, your wedding.

Secret #3. Ask for help

It might be difficult to say, “I need help” and find people to delegate tasks to, especially if you’re trying very hard to have everything under control. However, this is sometimes necessary. You cannot possibly do everything on your own when you’re a student and planning a wedding, so you might have to ask for help from some people. Your parents could help you book the caterer and DJ, for example, while your spouse could write the invitations. If you need help staying on top of your schoolwork and run out of time, you can always contact a specialized writing service and order college papers for sale. Writers working here will be more than happy to help you with your assignments, especially if your due dates are quickly approaching. Having an expert help you out with this might be the wisest option.

Secret #4. Prioritize according to your needs

Your wedding is one of the most important events in your life, so you’ve got to make sure that you plan it well, as I mentioned. Make sure you know how to prioritize. Start by making a wedding checklist and write down everything that you must cover prior to the wedding, including your school assignments. Then, prioritize them according to importance.

Secret #5. Do not procrastinate – ever

While procrastination sounds like a great idea when you’re all stressed out, it should be the last thing you do. Procrastinating will only add to the stress and might take energy out of you. Make sure you’ve got everything planned and ready to go before it’s too late. And side point – try to set your wedding date for after the semester ends.

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Secret #6. Your budget is important

Getting married on a college budget can be really challenging, but it’s doable. You could invite fewer people, for instance, or do the décor yourself and eliminate expenses you don’t necessarily need. Also, try to go for the least expensive venue and book startup photographers, that might cut your costs in half.

Secret #7. Take time to de-stress before the wedding – you need it

With all the school assignments and planning strategies, you might be overwhelmed by the time you get married. This is why you should take a 2-3 day break between the time you’ve finished school and the arrangements and your actual wedding. Breathe, relax, be with yourself. Your life is about to change for good.

Wrapping Up

Follow these steps to ensure that you stay sane while preparing your wedding. College can be a tricky time to plan this out, but it’s worth it, nevertheless. Make sure you plan everything ahead, map out a schedule and stick to it, ask for help if needed, prioritize, budget well, and de-stress before the wedding. Don’t forget to stay away from procrastination, even when it might be tempting!

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