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Sweet Confections & Wedding Cakes

Selecting a wedding cake is one of the most enjoyable activities when planning your wedding. The cake can take any shape and style. Its taste is tailored to your liking and its design is unique to your vision. Nowadays, we are privy to the great work that is done behind the scenes. We visit some of the greatest cake makers of the country. We get an inside view of the intricate details through television shows such as TLC’s Cake Boss and Food Network’s Chef Duff. We are constantly reminded of the craftsmanship that goes into the creation of these sweet confections. At the same time they provide us with ideas and a wealth of invaluable information. Naturally when it comes to weddings, the wedding cake is the grand gesture—the show stopper.

It is placed in a location where it can be enjoyed and seen. It is the centre of attention during the ceremonious cake-cutting moment and equally reveled during the night. These beautifully designed single cakes will dazzle any guests.

Cakes Design: Cakes by Konstandin | Decor: | Photography: 5ive15ifteen photo company