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Timeless Vs Trendy: Choosing The Right Lace For Your Wedding

choosing the right lace for your wedding dress

Lace brings a sense of elegance, romance, and timeless beauty to any wedding gown. But with so many options to choose from – from dainty floral Chantilly lace to geometric English netting – how do you select the right lace for your dress? Should your gown feature lace that is traditional and classic or something trendier and bolder?  

About 93% of brides prefer to purchase a newly designed wedding dress. And just like the other factors in your gown, the lace for your wedding dress deserves thought and consideration. Not only does it impact the overall style of your gown, but it also affects how your dress will look in photos years from now.   

This article will guide you through the lace selection process so you can find the perfect lace to make your wedding vision come to life. 

choosing the lace for your wedding dress
  • Explore the many types of wedding lace  

When starting your lace search, it helps to understand the different types of wedding laces and the distinct features of each. Some common bridal lace types to consider include:  

  • Alencon lace: This French lace features intricate floral designs on a sheer mesh background. The sheer mesh allows skin to subtly show through for a romantic look.  
  • Venise lace: Originating in Italy, this lace uses a heavy cotton thread to create striking floral motifs and geometric shapes. The substantial texture of Venise lace makes it ideal for formal weddings.  
  • Schiffli lace: This type of lace utilizes a specially designed sewing machine to embroider delicate needlepoint designs onto mesh or fabric. Schiffli lacing often incorporates vines, leaves, or wheat patterns.  
  • Guipure lace: This lace gets its distinctive look by applying floral or geometric motifs onto a mesh backing. The result is lace with an open, web-like appearance.  

Researching the many lace types will give you inspiration for your gown. So, keep an open mind and don’t limit yourself to the very first choice you see.

wedding dress
choosing your wedding dress
  • Focus on timelessness  

Perhaps some of you want to look back at your wedding photos in 30 years and still love your dress. So, when picking out lace, focus first on styles that have stood the test of time.

Some safe bets for timeless elegance include dainty floral Alencon lace and delicate English net lace. Guipure lace with pretty netting and large motifs is another ageless choice. The right lace can be passed down, just like how some grandmothers pass their vintage pearls and other wedding heirlooms. So, go for versatile, traditional styles that the future brides in your family might treasure, too. 

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  • Consider current trends  

Although you want timeless lace, it’s okay to sprinkle in a little trendiness, too. Take a peek at what’s hot right now and see if you can work with a touch of modern flair. 

For example, maybe traditional Chantilly lace is getting an upgrade these days with bolder embroidered flowers. The classic Alencon lace is showing off fuller designs. This puts a fresh spin on old favourites.

The key here is keeping trends subtle, like just adding a hint of something bold to your train or veil. This allows you to dip your toe into what’s hot now without going full-on trend overload. 

veil with lace
  • Match the lace to the dress style  

Whether you’re going trendy or timeless, you want to pick a lace that actually complements your dress style.  

For example, fuller laces such as Chantilly are gorgeous on a big princess ball gown skirt. But that same heavy lace might overwhelm a simple crepe sheath dress. Or, say you’re going for a total romantic vibe with an all-lace gown. In that case, you can have an allover lace that can stand on its own as the main fabric, like a floral Alencon or vine lace. If you’ve got a boho beach wedding happening, try an airy, lightweight lace like French lace to complete your flowy dress. It’ll capture that casual vibe perfectly.  

Just make sure the lace you choose works with the overall dress silhouette. You don’t want delicate lace competing with an ultra-structured mermaid gown. Find a harmonious balance between the style of the dress and the lace. Match them up and let them complement each other beautifully.

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  • Consider the venue  

Your wedding venue can actually help steer your lace decision. Let the style of your ceremony and reception sites guide you.  

Here’s a good example. If you’re having a black-tie ballroom wedding, consider a more elegant lace like Alencon or Chantilly. Those can really suit a fancy hotel or country club venue. Or, if your wedding is in a modern loft with urban vibes, try a geometric lace pattern to complement the space. For outdoor garden weddings, you can’t go wrong with delicate floral laces. It’ll perfectly capture the romantic vibe of your flower-filled venue.   

No matter your wedding location, just pick a lace that feels at home in that environment. That way, you and your lace will both feel right at home.

  • Set your lace budget  

Lace quality and intricacy can impact cost. For instance, fancier options like Chantilly or Alencon can run USD$100 to USD$150 per yard. That’s because intricate, high-quality laces take more time and skill to make.

Ideally, only splurge on the spendy lace for specific accents on your gown, like the train or waistline. For the rest of the dress, look for affordable yet pretty lace options to save some dollars. It’s also paramount that you set a lace budget upfront that works for you so you can shop smartly and rock a gorgeous lace without overspending. 

Wrap Up  

Who knew there were so many factors to consider when finding your dream wedding lace? But don’t worry now, as this guide can help narrow down your choices and see if a timeless or trendy lace is perfect for you. It’s your wedding day, after all, so ensure you pick a lace you absolutely adore. When you walk down that aisle draped in your gorgeous gown, all eyes will be on your smile and radiant joy. That’s what matters most!