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6 Essentials Of A Tropical Themed Wedding


Today, most wedding themes aren’t entirely focused on being traditional and romantic. Couples are now exploring various wedding themes to make their day fun and exciting. Some couples choose to have a rustic, Hollywood, or even a theme from their favorite TV show. 

But one wedding theme stands out from the crowd as it immediately screams elegance and romance, yet quirky – a tropical-themed wedding. 

Tropical weddings are getting more popular each day. Couples can have their wedding at the beach or in a garden and let the decorations bring out the tropical vibe. If this is something you and your boo are eyeing, below are some essentials of a tropical-themed wedding you must have:

tropical weddings
  • Tropical Themed Venue

Of course, the best way to achieve a tropical-themed wedding is by looking for the best tropical wedding venue. With the right place, you don’t have to work too much with the decorations as your environment will help to bring the mood to you.

When choosing a tropical-themed venue, you can either host it on a beach or someplace with beautiful scenery of a lake, ocean, beach, or river. Alternatively, you can go with a garden and just emphasize tropical greens to make it look relevant and well-put together.

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When you think of tropical, the first thing that’ll come to mind is the forest and its tropical plants. With that, you need to include as much greenery in your wedding as much as possible.

Popular plants that you should always have would be the monstera and palm. You can use them as decorations, aisle accents, or even decorative pieces for the chairs and buffet table. Further, you can use the plant’s leaves as your menu pieces or even create a faux-looking leaf as a ceremony fan that your guests could use if you have an outdoor wedding. 

For your main backdrop for the wedding, you can create an arch and fill it with tropical plants and flowers. Adding a bit of white, yellow, and pink flowers will help to make it look livelier and more romantic instead of just filling it with greens. 

Along with using excessive greenery for your venue’s decorations, you should also incorporate them into your centerpieces. You can mix various tropical plants and flowers and use them for your guest’s centerpieces. This will work best if you use long tables instead of circular ones, as you can emphasize the plants’ natural characteristics. You can even add some wooden accents.

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Rattan Decors

Along with plants, it’ll be great if you could maximize using rattan decors for your tropical-themed wedding. The natural beauty of the rattan’s weavings helps to make it look closer to nature, yet soft and comfortable. 

You can use rattan for your chairs, tables, and lighting decors. You can even add some as a decorative piece for the buffet table or stage, a background for the photo booth, or a rug for the ceremony. Ensure that you balance it out with tropical plants to complete the look.

Leaves On Cake

Like any other wedding, a tropical-themed wedding must have its own marital cake. While you can use any type of cake you want, it’ll be great if you could incorporate your theme into it.  You can use a plain white cake and add some tropical pieces to it. Add tropical platys, such as a mix monstera, palm, or bird of paradise and put them in a slanted angle that connects the two layers together. This should make your cake look simple and elegant but still follow the tropical theme. To add a pop of color, include flowers like ylang-ylang, hibiscus, or honeysuckle. If you’d like to be more creative, you can use a tier of your cake with a leaf pattern and add some vibrant flowers to make it look lively.

white wedding cake for a tropical theme

Exotic Bar

To add enjoyment and fun to your wedding, having an exotic bar would surely help to make your theme more accurate. With an exotic bar, you can serve tropical cocktails for everyone to enjoy. And you can decorate the bar with a tiki theme, using huts and high wooden chairs to complete the look. This should help to keep the party going and allow your guests to enjoy new tropical flavors.

Flowy Bridal Dress

One of the main attractions at every wedding is seeing the bride’s dress. To help match the theme of the wedding, going with a flowy bridal dress would fit perfectly. You can play with laces to make it look softer and more natural.  An A-line cut would work perfectly to achieve a flowy design. You can even turn it into a crop top to add character. Work with a low back, or use long-laced sleeves to make your bridal dress look softer and more romantic.


Achieving a tropical-themed wedding ceremony can be possible by using the essentials above. As you focus on adding plants and flowers to your wedding, you should prioritize your venue, as this can help to bring out the best of your theme. Choosing the proper clothing can help to keep you comfortable and make everything blend effortlessly with the theme you’re going for.