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5 Tips For Wearing Diamond Jewelry On Your Big Day

wearing diamonds on your wedding day necklace

Your wedding day is one of the most magical days in your life. As you set your look for your big day, you might stumble upon the conclusion of an incomplete look without your diamond jewelry. To ensure that you seal off your romantic look, wearing diamond jewelry will help to make you feel the wedding vibe a little bit more.

There are plenty of ways to wear your diamond jewelry during your big day. Diamonds can be through your engagement ring, earrings, necklace, or bracelet. The choice will ultimately depend on your preference, along with the design of your dress or suit.

Ultimately, listed below are the tips for wearing diamond jewelry on your wedding day:

wearing diamond earings on your wedding day

Decide Your Outfit First

The first thing you need to do to decide how your jewelry will be on your big day will solely depend on your outfit. This way, you can allow both things to match without overpowering one another. You can enable a seamless and coordinated look, achieving a soft and romantic aura, perfect for weddings.

Before you go jewelry shopping, you should first decide on your outfit. It will allow you to determine if you will go over or minimal with your natural or lab grown diamonds. Ideally, one should be extra, and the other should be simple, achieving the perfect balance.

bride wearing diamond earings on her big day

Go For Classic

If you’re the type of person who likes to achieve a soft and romantic look during your big day, you should consider going for a classic look wherein you’ll use white diamonds for your jewelry. This will help to provide a clean and pure look, allowing you and your outfit to sparkle during your big day.

To achieve an ultimate classic look, you should choose your diamond jewelry simply by wearing a single and small stud of diamonds instead of putting on large ones. If you’re planning to wear a tennis necklace, going for a total of 2ct diamonds would be ideal as they’re acceptably thin. However, for your studded earrings, wearing a 1ct to 2ct diamond with each stud would still help achieve a great look, especially since they’re plain and simple.

brie wearing diamonds on her big day

Consider Adding Colors

While you can never go wrong with a classic look for your diamond jewelry, your wedding day might be the perfect time to be experimental and add colors to your jewelry. Most people think that diamonds are only limited to white or clear. Fortunately, different diamonds come with shades, displaying a unique appearance, thus, perfect for special occasions.

Since your wedding is a momentous day in your life, wearing colored diamonds would be a perfect idea. If you’re afraid that they’d take away the romantic ambiance during your wedding day, going for light-colored diamonds such as pink, gray, or olive will help complete the look. However, if you’d like your diamond jewelry to stand out, wearing black, navy blue, emerald green, yellow, and red would do the trick.

blue diamond ring

Create The Perfect Balance

When wearing  diamonds during your big day, you should know the fine line between being minimal and going for royal. Moreover, you should also set how you’d like your final look to be. If you’re going for a simple and classic look, going for minimal diamond jewelry will help do the trick. You could wear beautiful earrings, necklace, and bracelet can be optional or minimal, and wearing your engagement ring can be an excellent finish.

Apart from choosing your diamond jewelry, never forget to overdo it with your choices. Even if you’re going for a minimalist look by using small diamond pieces, you should try to avoid wearing everything all at once. Ideally,  your choice is between wearing one to three jewelry pieces simultaneously. You can pick between wearing earrings, rings, necklaces, or bracelets.

Don’t Be Afraid To Mix

While wearing exclusive all-diamond jewelry on your big day will help to create a fancy and classic look, you shouldn’t be afraid to spice things up a bit by playing with other gem options. You can choose to add your birthstone or your favorite gem along with your diamond jewelry. It will help to give your jewelry a unique touch, making your day extra memorable.

Apart from mixing various gemstones, you might also want to consider adding pearls. With the diamond and pearl combination, you can still achieve a modest and classic look, perfect for weddings. Since pearls provide a soft white color, it’ll go well with a wedding dress, making it an ideal choice.


Diamond jewelry is royal and is usually present during special occasions. Since your big day’s approaching, adding them to your outfit will help finish the look. Diamonds can help you look fancy, classic, and sophisticated simultaneously. With the perfect piece, you can achieve your dream look.

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