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Wedding Trends That Are On Their Way Out in 2023

You’ve likely started reading about all the wedding trends to expect in 2023, whether it be decor, dresses, fashion or food. But what if you’re not the trendy sort and don’t need to be up-to-speed on the latest happening? And you want to know what not to do because it’s dated or passe?  While some things will always be considered classic and stand the test of time, some trends are overdone and long on their way out. So we’re going to turn things on their head and give you a list of all the wedding trends that are on their way out in 2023.

Extra Large Weddings

For the longest time, the trend was to have massive weddings with upwards of 500+ guests. This allowed you to invite every single person you would like, including your parents' friends, co-workers and extended relatives.  While you certainly won’t forget anyone and risk offending them, there are more and more advantages of having a smaller and intimate wedding. This has been the trend for the last few years, especially with the onset of the pandemic and the few years afterwards.

1. More Intimate

Small, low-key weddings are beautiful and intimate. Think about being surrounded by only your closest friends and family who matter to you the most. This size of wedding sets the stage for being a memorable event that you’ll remember for a lifetime.

2. More time to yourself.

Think about all the time you’ll save if you’re doing any DIY elements for your wedding – invitations, place cards, favors. Less wedding guests equals less time spent!

3. More quality time with your guests.

We’ve all been at the 500+ weddings where you barely see the newly married couple for more than a few seconds. With a smaller more intimate guest list, you’ll actually get to spend time with all those who matter to you.

4. A unique, custom wedding

Think about it – you no longer need to do all the customary traditions because it's expected of you. It’ll be your special day and you can plan something truly meaningful to you.

5. Costs less.

A simpler wedding with less guests could mean lower expenses for you. However, this is an opportunity for you to spend the money elsewhere, such as on the extra flowers you wanted or the honeymoon upgrade.

Traditional Wedding Cakes

When you think traditional wedding cake, you’re likely thinking white smooth fondant on the outside and either vanilla or chocolate on the inside, right? Couples are requesting this type of wedding cake less frequently now. Here’s what they’re opting to choose instead.

1. Flavours

You no longer need to choose the vanilla or chocolate trend anymore! Decades ago, almond flavor was considered fancy. And the dreaded fruitcake that no one likes has not been making an appearance for a long time – at least not since King Charles and Princess Diana's wedding back in 1980. When it comes to flavors now, the sky's the limit! Think about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding – they had a lemon elderflower cake that was perfect for their Spring wedding. You can choose simple flavors such as raspberry, lemon and even funfetti. Or you can go with gourmet combinations such as earl grey lavender or orange pistachio, if your heart desires!

2. Buttercream over Fondant

Fondant cake exteriors were favored because of the ease in which the material could be shaped and molded. Fondant covered cakes also kept for long periods of time and they photographed well too. Couples are leaving the doughy material behind and choosing fresh, fun buttercream icing instead. And the results of using buttercream for the cake exterior have been astonishingly beautiful and truly masterpieces themselves.

3. Colours Other Than White

It used to be that wedding cakes only came in one color – wedding white. Nowadays, you can be bold as you want; some couples choose to have their cake match their wedding color palette!

4. Actual Cakes

More and more couples are choosing to forgo the cake option entirely and go with a dessert option that they personally love. Donut and cupcake towers, brownies, pies, cheesecakes, macarons, eclairs and even churros are making an appearance at weddings now!

Regular Photo Booths

So hear us out – we’re not saying that wedding photographers must be done with. They will always play an important role in capturing your special day’s big and small moments. What we’re saying is that the photo booth trend, complete with a tickle trunk full of props – is out.

What’s quickly coming in its place are the new 360 photo booths, which actually are slow-motion video booths with a camera on a long metal arm that rotates on a platform. Guests stand, pose and dance on this platform, and the end result is a video that looks like it was professionally shot.

Large Flower Bouquets

You’ve already seen the trend that less is more and the same goes for flower bouquets. Instead of carrying bridal bouquets that are overwhelmingly large in size, brides are opting for smaller bouquets that accentuate her dress.

Unnecessary Favours

Wedding guests appreciate anything that can be consumed (read: eatable or drinkable). So don’t waste money or resources on candles and another knick knacks that will just collect dust down the road.

Bringing a Gift to the Wedding

At one time, wedding guests used to show up at the reception with their gift in tow. After all, you wanted the newly married couple and the other guests to see what you brought. However, etiquette dictates that it is far more polite and thoughtful to send the gift in advance or after their wedding, to their home.

Ways you can make this easier for you and for the couple are to send items from their wedding registry, a cheque or bank draft or sign them up for a recurring subscription (there are tons to choose from at Hello Subscription).

Engagement and wedding subscription boxes have been trending over the last few years. Great gift idea for the bride and to help her celebrate her engagement all the way to her wedding day. Mrs… At Last!™ offers 6 wedding-themed boxes that include practical and usable items for the big milestone celebrations leading up to and including her wedding day.