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5 Time-Saving Cooking Hacks for Newlyweds

meal planning is key for young couples

Stepping into the blissful journey of marriage brings plenty of joy and a fair share of busyness. As newlyweds, you’re likely finding that time is more precious than ever before. Cooking might seem like just another task on an endless to-do list, but it doesn’t have to be! 

Let’s explore five game-changing cooking hacks designed to save you time in the kitchen so you can focus on savoring every moment with your better half. These tips are all about maximizing flavor without sacrificing those irreplaceable newlywed moments.

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5 Time-Saving Cooking Hacks for Newlyweds

Start on your culinary journey together with ease! These five time-saving hacks are perfect for busy newlyweds looking to enjoy homemade meals without spending all day in the kitchen.

Plan Meals Weekly

It’s widely known that something as simple as planning your meals can lay the groundwork for healthier eating habits, better nutrition, and even budget savings. In fact, a study published in the International Journal of Behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activity found that meal planning was associated with a more varied diet and less obesity. Plus, meal planning can be fun!

Creating an effective meal plan might sound challenging, so use these tips to guide you:

  • Set Aside Time: Dedicate a specific day, such as Sunday, to sit down together and plan.
  • Check Your Schedule: Match easy meals with busy nights to avoid takeout temptation.
  • Shop Smarter: Create a shopping list that avoids unnecessary purchases.

The act of meal planning isn’t just about nutrition; it’s an exercise in communication and compromise, too. Plus, knowing there’s one less thing to worry about each day lessens stress.

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Try a Meal Kit

In the early moments of your marriage, time together is precious. An ingenious solution that’s gaining traction with couples like yourselves is meal kits – a trend that has seen remarkable growth in recent years. Statistics have shown that the meal kit industry has ballooned into a multi-billion-dollar market as more and more people discover how convenient they are.

Meal kits like EveryPlate offer delicious meals for one or two, which suit newlyweds perfectly. Imagine all the ingredients you need arriving at your doorstep with easy-to-follow instructions. There’s no pondering over portions or mulling over missing spices. Meal kits can bring everything you need to whip up a culinary delight right to your kitchen benchtop.

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Invest in a Slow Cooker

Picture this: You’re both coming home from a long day, and the air is filled with the aroma of dinner ready and waiting for you. This can be your reality with a slow cooker. It’s an amazingly convenient gadget perfect for those whirlwind days when time just seems to fly by. But a slow cooker offers more than just convenience; it gives you creative flexibility, too. 

Here are some tasty slow cooker meal ideas:

  • Hearty Beef Stew: Letting beef simmer with veggies brings out rich flavors.
  • Tuscan Chicken Pasta: Creamy and packed full of Italian seasoning.
  • Vegetarian Chili: A mix of beans and spices for Meatless Mondays.
  • Pulled Pork: Perfectly tender, it falls apart effortlessly to create delicious sandwiches.
  • Breakfast Casseroles: Wake up to a warm, assembled breakfast after minimal prep.

With a slow cooker at your disposal, you’ll find countless recipes that advocate throwing in ingredients, setting the timer, and going about your day without giving dinner another thought.

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Batch Cook and Freeze

Batch cooking and freezing are essentially your culinary time capsule, ideal for busier evenings or when you’d simply rather spend time with each other than in the kitchen. Plus, batch cooking is accessible to anyone in any income bracket, making this option cost-effective.

When it comes to what meals to batch cook and freeze, here are three popular options:

  • Lasagna: Layers of pasta, cheese, and sauce taste even better when reheated.
  • Soups: From creamy pumpkin to chunky vegetable beef, soups are easy to warm up.
  • Burritos: Wrap them individually for quick grab-and-go meals.
  • Meatballs: They can be added to pasta dishes, sandwiches, or eaten as is with sauce.
  • Casseroles: Options like shepherd’s pie or chicken pot pie offer all-in-one convenience.

Embracing this approach means you’re thinking ahead and ensuring variety during the week.


Use One-Pot Recipes

Now, let’s imagine a kitchen scenario where the aftermath doesn’t involve staring down a mountain of pots and pans. That’s the beauty of one-pot recipes! For newlyweds who want to savor the joys of home-cooked meals without a sink full of dishes, these recipes are a godsend.

One-pot meals are all about simplicity and synergy. Ingredients meld together in a single cooking vessel, developing deep flavors as they cook side by side. While being very convenient, they also encourage collaboration in the kitchen as you both can take turns stirring. 

Even more appealing is how such meals lend themselves well to leftovers, making tomorrow’s lunch prep virtually non-existent. Plus, spending less time cleaning up means more moments spent unwinding together – which is what married life should have plenty of!

Newlyweds Can Save a Lot of Time with Our Tips

Now, armed with these time-saving cooking hacks, you’re set to make the kitchen a place of ease and enjoyment in your new life together. Remember that every minute saved is a minute gained for laughter, conversation, and creating those irreplaceable memories as newlyweds.