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Simple and sophisticated. She seeks to enhance feminine assets and to reveal the facets of personality, between softness and audacity.

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Growing up with a love for drawing and painting with precision, Versailles France native Aurélia Hoang began her journey into fashion over 14 years ago when she studied at Istituto Marangoni in Milan Italy. After completing her studies, she went on to work for renowned designers such as Kenzo, Isabel Marant, and Véronique Leroy in Paris, France. Years later in 2010, Aurélia started designing her own bespoke wedding dresses.

Aurélia, who originally rejected the idea of designing wedding dresses and weddings altogether, had a change of heart after she realized she didn’t hate weddings- she hated the cookie-cutter bridal gowns and conventional celebrations that involved little creativity and didn’t properly reflect the love that inspired the once-in-a-lifetime event. Designing dresses closely with her brides also gave her the unique opportunity to build a human relationship, rather than staying in the studio and never meeting the women who wore her designs. Usually taking 6-12 months to complete a dress. Aurélia’s passion and attention to detail are apparent in her unique, bespoke dresses. Her designs range from modern and elegant to boho and whimsical using high-quality materials like Calais Lace, silk crepe, and floral devoree jersey.

AURELIA HOANG designs unique and original bridal dresses for modern, sassy, and free-spirited women. Prêt-à-porter and bespoke wedding gowns.

Hand-made with LOVE in Paris.

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