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By Anna Lombardos

Are you a dreamer, an organized planner who knows exactly what you want for your wedding day…or are you (like me) somewhere in between part realist and part hopeless romantic. As we look around for inspiration in everything from rainbows, flowers, and music to research and science, one thing remains true—we do it all for love! With the lucky 7 in mind, check out the latest updates for your dream wedding.
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2021 wedding trends you need to know.

1. The Dress

Looking into the future, 2020 and 2021 wedding dresses pay special attention to detail. Beading and embroidery, colors and layers, emphasize opulence and freedom of expression from the bodice to the skirt. The bodice, or upper part of the gown, is enjoying many variations in the next season as designers present one-shoulder gowns, halter-tops, or decorative corsets. Sleeves are back in style. Big sleeves, cap sleeves, and even removable sleeves are distinguishing features. Skirts feature glitters and layers, embroidery, and lace. For those who want options, a removable overskirt turns a straight-cut sheath dress into an ensemble with two distinct looks: a ball gown for the ceremony and a sexy fitted gown for the after-party.

In antiquity, wedding gowns were not white until Queen Victoria popularized the white wedding gown in 1840. Today bridal gowns have once again veered away from the stark white color with a playful nod to history. Wedding shades in 2021 include cream, champagne, ivory, dusty rose, and even silver-grey. Moreover, brides and bridesmaids heed clues from nature with floral prints, appliques, embroidery, lace, and anything flowery and pretty.

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2021 wedding trends
Monique Lhuillier Tuileries floral off-the-shoulder wedding dress from her 2020 Fall Collection captured by KT Merry
2021 wedding trends
Viktor&Rolf's Fall 2020 collection

2. The Accessories

When it comes to bridal accessories 2021 trends in the horizon are making one thing clear: more is more! Wedding accessories have taken a fun and extravagant turn toward extravagance. Look out for fancy barrettes, pearly combs, and flowered hairpins to complement your wedding hairstyle. And for those who want to complete fairy tales, the tiara is an elegant forerunner in wedding fashion accessories.

Statement veils have taken center stage. Meghan Markle’s 16-foot-long embroidered veil continues to inspire today’s wedding fashion. In keeping with the new theme of personalization, consider monogramming your veil with delicate embroidery, a family crest, or the outline of your favourite flower.

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3. The Ceremony

The “new normal” may have inspired intimate weddings with a smaller number of guests, but it has also paved the way for a no-holds-barred attitude when it comes to the sentimental ceremonies and grand wedding receptions.

With close attention to detail, couples continue to build unforgettable memories. There is an emphasis on creating meaningful moments that reflect the couple’s personality and style. Some couples decide to have private wedding vows and others prefer to incorporate old and new customs. Think outside the box when it comes to your wedding ceremony. Consider if you want to have a traditional procession and determine who will walk down the aisle before you make your big entrance. Decorate your space with an abundance of flowers and other elements that work well with your venue. Most of all cherish every special guest, each moment, and each element of your wedding ceremony knowing that it will mark a new chapter in your life and your love story.

wedding ceremony trend for 2021

4. The Reception

Like the ceremony, the focus of the wedding reception relies on freedom and expressiveness. This is the reason why weddings will be so diverse in 2021. Each couple will create their own perfect backdrop. Large-scale floral arrangements and mood lighting set the tone for celebratory receptions. Special effects using candles, lanterns or fairy lights create an unforgettable experience. Pay attention to textures and colours to complete your theme.

As couples focus on creating unforgettable experiences and sharing special memories with their guests, they are on the look out for occasions of special interest. For example, a photo booth creates great memories inspiring guests to participate and have fun while a CD provides the couple with a precious keepsake. Photo booths are also used as wedding favours. Frame inserts (used for place settings) can later be used to take home photos of special memories of the night. Regardless of number of guests, weddings continue to be big beautiful celebrations as we look into the future.

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5. The Food

Good food is a key element when planning your wedding. In keeping with an emphasis on personalization menus for food and drink are evolving and becoming more inclusive. Offer your vegetarians, vegans or guests with allergies delicious options to suit their needs. In 2021 we see new developments in terms of the traditional sweet table. Get creative with personalized food stations that are sure to leave your guests with a most delectable experience. Consider adding a charcuterie board with a variety of meats and cheeses complimented with artisan bread, crackers, and savory fruit.

Enjoy a host of creative ideas when it comes to treating guests with your favorite spirits. A mixology bar at the beginning of the reception can introduce your loved ones to your beloved cocktails; you can even name them to reflect your theme. A scotch bar during the after-party is an elegant treat. Complete the presentation with monogrammed matches or personalized napkins featuring prominent quotes or fun-facts about the couple. A champagne or wine station can feature a tasting experience. Food and drink choices leave a lasting impression.

Wedding Catering Ideas
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6. The Memories

Creating meaningful memories is at the forefront of wedding planning in 2021. Couples are opting for smaller weddings, however, that does not imply they are passing up on grand celebration. Placing value in the sentiment of the day, couples are taking time to revise what is most meaningful to them and to create their perfect day accordingly. The role of your photographer and videographer is more important than ever. Discuss the various options they offer with their services and review how you want them to capture the feel of your wedding day.

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7. The Love

Remember that your wedding day is a prelude to your marriage. Planning each and every bespoke element of your beautiful wedding day is of utmost importance. However, once you have booked all the experts who will bring your wedding to life, leave it in their hands. Trust in the quality of their work and enjoy the moments. Many years from now, when you look back at your wedding day, I hope you remember the seven colors of the rainbow and the seven unique notes on the music scale. May the feeling warm your heart and keep you always happy and hopeful and in love.

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