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Bohemian Glam Inspired Theme

rustic glam wedding theme

Bohemian glam weddings combine the carefree and whimsical elements of bohemian style with the elegance and glamour of a traditional wedding. This stunning shoot combines both bohemian and glam beautifully. Here are some points on creating your very own boho glam wedding theme.

  1. Venue: Look for a venue that has both indoor and outdoor spaces, such as a rustic barn or a botanical garden. This will allow you to incorporate natural elements into your decor and create a bohemian feel while maintaining a sense of elegance.
  2. Colour palette: Choose a rich, earthy colour palette with metallic accents, such as gold or rose gold. 
  3. Flowers: Opt for lush, organic arrangements with plenty of greenery and cascading vines. Add in unexpected elements of pampas grass for a bohemian touch.
  4. Gown: Consider a flowy, bohemian-inspired dress with intricate lace details or embroidery.
  5. Decor: Incorporate vintage pieces, wood elements and glass to add a touch of glamour. 

Overall, the key to a bohemian glam wedding is to balance the free-spirited nature of bohemian style with the sophistication of a traditional wedding.


Photography: InHouse Studio Photography | Flowers: Maya Fleuriste | Gown: Chateau Nadia | Gown: Atelier NüStyle | Venue: Plaza Le Rizz | Hair & Makeup: Studio Caroline Théoret | Cakes & Sweets: Patisserie Lawrence V. | Marquee Letters: Ballons Luxe | Floral Arch : Ballons Luxe