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How to Enjoy the Best Wedding Dress Shopping Experience

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There can be many important tasks to focus on in the lead-up to your wedding day, such as writing an invite list, booking a venue and caterer, and practicing your vows. However, one task that undoubtedly features near the top of your list is wedding dress shopping. You likely wish to feel comfortable and look beautiful, and it can take a particular type of dress to achieve both. If you want to enjoy the best wedding dress shopping experience to end up with the gown of your dreams, take note of the following tips.

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Shop With Dress Suppliers You Can Trust

Many unhappy brides have shared horror stories about bridal gown businesses that provided a less than a satisfactory shopping experience. Never underestimate the importance of researching reputable stores like Dainty Jewells before purchasing the gown of your dreams and any other special garments.

Read reviews and check out their social media pages to learn more about them from genuine shoppers. If you’re buying online, confirm delivery timeframes for confidence that your beautiful gown will arrive on time.

eva lendel collection
eva lendel collection

Take Photos

If you plan to shop for a dress in person, ask the store employee ahead of time whether taking photos of the dresses is permitted for decision-making purposes. While you can generally sense a dress’s suitability for your needs while wearing it in front of a mirror, taking photos allows you to review your options later on. This can be especially helpful if you’re struggling to choose between a few different dresses.

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Don’t Try On Too Many Dresses

It might seem counterproductive not to try on as many dresses as possible when given the opportunity, but too many options can lead to feelings of overwhelm. If you feel the need to try on a dozen different gowns, there’s no reason why you can’t, but you might struggle to narrow down your options and pick ‘the one.’

Instead, choose a dress type that suits the theme, season, and your silhouette, and browse the options in this range. Once you’ve selected the features you can’t be without, you might find it easier to identify a single dress that appeals to you the most.


Shop for Dresses With or Without People

While shopping with friends or family can be a memorable experience, having multiple opinions from well-meaning loved ones can also add unnecessary stress to the process. Go dress shopping with who you feel most relaxed with, and don’t be afraid to shop alone. You might even feel most comfortable browsing a selection of bridal gowns online in the comfort of your own home.

Take Your Time

There can be a sense of urgency to purchase your wedding gown so that you can move on to planning the other parts of your wedding, such as the venue and caterers. However, selecting a dress doesn’t have to be the first thing you do. Take your time and think about what you want. Otherwise, you might feel rushed into a decision that sees you with a dress that doesn’t make you happy.

Planning a wedding can be stressful, but some parts don’t have to be. Choosing a wedding dress can be a memorable experience, possibly even more so if you take note of the tips above.