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Eco wedding Inspiration

eco friendly wedding theme

An eco wedding, also known as an eco-friendly or green wedding, is a type of wedding ceremony and celebration incorporating sustainable and environmentally conscious practices. The aim is to reduce the negative impact on the environment.


Photographer: Chantal Karisa Photography | Location: Casa Castagna Marche | Floral Designer: Luisa Gervasi Floral Events | Dress Designer: Complice Stalo Theodourou | Makeup Artist: Alice Morico Make up | Hair Stylist: Amy Color Gallery | Event Planner: Js Event Designer | Cake Designer: Sweetie Pie Love

Here are some standard features and practices associated with this type of wedding:

  1. Venue selection: Choosing a wedding venue that aligns with sustainability principles, such as an outdoor location that minimizes energy consumption or a venue with eco-friendly certifications.
  2. Invitations and stationery: Opting for digital invitations or using recycled or plantable paper for physical invitations.
  3. Sustainable decor: Using reusable decorations such as potted plants, recycled materials, or natural elements like flowers and foliage. Avoiding single-use plastics and excessive waste.