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Exploring the Allure of Vintage Gold Bangles for Her


Vintage jewelry has an elegance of its own. The subtleness and intricacy of the designs make them a class apart. The popularity of vintage jewelry has peaked of late, and people are keen to rediscover and retrieve older trends. When it comes to bangles, they are in immense trend. It could be something as simple as a hoop bangle bracelet or even one with a bold design. And, when it comes to gold bangles with a vintage design, it’s a deadly combination.

gold bangles for women

Gold bangles aren’t merely a style statement. They carry a deeper symbolism, standing for prosperity, wealth, good luck, and protection, mainly in the Indian culture, where immense emphasis is laid upon gold. You may have mostly come across heavily-designed gold bangles. Right? I will acquaint you with some out-of-the-box vintage gold bangle designs that you can convert into an appealing style statement. Let’s have a look.

10 Unique Vintage Gold Bangle Designs 

If sleek and elegant bangles are your choice, here are some of the unique vintage armrings. Keep scrolling, and choose the design that suits your taste the best.

Vintage Floral Gold Plated Bangles 

Aren’t these floral gold bangles elegant and appealing? The intricate floral prints take their beauty to another level. To style this vintage bangle subtly, you could team it with a gold watch. It would be a unique option.

gold bangles

Sleek Gold-Filled Bangles 

These thin gold bangles will be visually appealing when you stack too many of them together. You could sport a white or light green dress to enhance the elegance of these bangles. If you are on a mix-and-match spree, combing them with a chic bracelet or a gemstone-studded bangle wouldn’t be a bad idea.

Vintage Flower-Designed Bangle Bracelet

The magnificent bangle bracelet in the picture is about 7 inches long and ½ inches wide. The floral motif intensifies the bangle’s beauty to the fullest. You could adorn this single bangle on one hand for a minimalist approach. The rustic shade of this bangle bracelet will do fabulously well with a white or light pink dress.

19th Century Antique Chinese Gold Bangle 

The vintage design of this unique bangle dates back to the 1900s. Gold jewelry has been an integral part of traditional Chinese weddings as well. The phoenix and dragon-designed gold bangles signify blessings and even the parent’s expectations towards the newlyweds. The prominent engravings on this bangle give it a gorgeous touch.

Layered Gold Vintage Bangle Bracelet 

The layered design gives these 14 K bangles a chic look indeed. If you are planning a mix-and-match look, a short dress teamed with high heels and a set of these bangles stacked neatly in your hand would be a perfect getup.

Vintage Gold-Filled Open-Designed Bangle 

If you love experimenting with varied designs, this fantastic bangle bracelet is something you could try. The slanting symmetrical lines gracing this bracelet add to its beauty. This gorgeous bracelet perfectly complements any outfit, whether a flowy gown or a short dress.

Vintage Gold-Diamond Bangle Bracelet

Isn’t this bracelet-styled bangle the prettiest? The floral design studded with magnificent diamonds makes it even more unique. This lovely bracelet makes it a perfect pick for wedding jewelry. How adorable would it look when you pair this ravishing bracelet with your unique wedding gown?

Gold-Filled Buckle-Designed Bangle Bracelet 

We are in for some real vintage stuff here. The complex engravings and the buckle design add to the USP of this vintage bangle. The rustic appearance adds to the uniqueness and charm of this bracelet. Its shade seems so versatile that you could pair it with any outfit from white to black.

gold bangles

Stylish Vintage Bangle Bracelet

How about this simple bangle bracelet with elegant studs sitting in between? Suppose you wish for a gold bangle that combines elegance and simplicity. What can be more apt than this unique jewellery piece? If you wear a full-sleeved shirt, keep it slightly above your wrist to make this bracelet prominent. Its versatile design makes it easily blend with any clothing.

Vintage Bangle with a Bypass Design 

If you love experimenting with styles and want to try something new and unique, the bypass design armring would be perfect. The metal band with two ends holding the stones in between is what justifies the description of the bypass designs the best. You needn’t wear any other accessories when this bracelet graces your wrist.


Suppose the above ideas aren’t enough, and you crave unique gold bangle designs. In that case, is the perfect place to visit, where you would get acquainted with a host of exceptional and wholesome designs. When you adorn your wrist with pretty gold bangles, wear them in style.

You could wear them sans any accessory or even team them with an elegant wristwatch. Some dress colors that go fabulously well with gold jewelry include emerald green, black, red, and white. However, you can play with the colors of your choice when choosing what would go well with your gold bangle and other gold jewelry.