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What to do to get your teeth ready for your wedding day

how to whiten your teeth for your wedding

On your big day, you’ll be doing a lot of smiling – it will pretty much be a constant thing. Between greeting all your guests, the hundreds of photos you’ll be taking and the generally amazing time you’ll be having, your facial muscles will likely be sore for a week. That being said, it’s only normal that you’ll want your smile to be at its best and that means your teeth need to shine.

There’s no room for cracked, chipped, discolored, or stained teeth in your wedding photos so let’s discuss how you can correct any issues before the cameras start flashing. Keep in mind it’s best to leave yourself plenty of time, so this is something you should start thinking about shortly after you get engaged.

Let’s look at how to get a wedding-ready smile!

Visit your dentist for a consultation

Booking a dentist consultation is the best first step you can take to getting your smile in order. Your dentist will be able to tell you what’s wrong, what could use some work and advise you on the preferred options to fix things. Don’t delay because treatments like veneers can take 2-3 months and orthodontic plans usually take a year. Our list won’t include these larger ticket treatments like said veneers or implants, but we still recommend getting in touch with your dentist in case these longer procedures are required. Consult early and start planning what you need to do.

Get a professional cleaning

You should be doing this regularly (at least twice every year) anyways, regardless of if you’ve got a wedding coming up. In any case, we recommend having a cleaning done shortly before your wedding date so you can be as fresh as possible on the day. If you’re considering whitening, a prior cleaning is definitely a good idea.

the perfect smile on your wedding day
the perfect wedding smile

Get whitening

This is probably the number one thing most brides (and grooms or members of the wedding party) do to get their smile wedding-ready. Whitening is a great idea because it’s a simple process and doesn’t cost a lot of money. Professional teeth whitening is 100% recommended because it will do a better job than anything you can get over the counter. It will also take a fraction of the time and it’s safer. The last thing you want is irritated gums or soreness before your wedding. If you need a last-minute whitening you can do a quick Google search for “teeth whitening near me” to find a quick and easy option.

Keep your diet healthy

The best diet for a white smile is to keep it heavy on fresh vegetables and fruits. These are full of fiber and act as a natural teeth whitening abrasive as you chew them. Avoid dark and sticky foods or beverages such as red wine, coffee, or anything like thick bbq sauces and even balsamic vinegar. Definitely, no smoking either, and avoid anything that will end up staining your teeth.

Don’t skip your oral health care routine

Don’t just stick to it but expand it if you can. Brush, floss, rinse after meals, use an activated charcoal paste, etc. Maintain your pearly whites at home like a military regiment so your breath is great, and your smile will be at its best.

the perfect smile on your wedding with white teeth

Watch your beverage intake

If you can’t cut out drinks like red wine or coffee (we wouldn’t blame you if you don’t), then consider sipping them through a straw to avoid direct contact with the outside of your teeth. Beverages are a big reason to leave your whitening booking until a week before your wedding so there isn’t enough time for stains to build up again.

Compliment your smile properly

This tip has nothing to do with your oral health but focuses on supplementing your smile with your choice of fashion. Wearing gold jewelry can emphasize golden or yellow tones, so stick to sparkling earrings instead. Choosing a darker shade of lipstick will help contras your teeth and can help them seem whiter. The same goes for any other makeup or accessory you choose.

At the end of the day, there are more important things than how white your smile is so don’t dismay if you can’t take the time or don’t want professional whitening treatments. There are enough things to stress over, and your smile doesn’t need to be one of them.

If you have any tips or suggestions of your own, we’d love to hear about them in the comments section below.

the perfect wedding smile white teeth