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The Wedding Plan: Head To Toe Prep Guide For Brides

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So, you have already picked the date and found the most romantic wedding venue in Brisbane. Now, it’s time to get busy and prepare yourself, from head to toe, for one of the most awaited moments in your life — your wedding day How do you prepare for such a momentous occasion? Read on to get some great tips and bring out a beautiful you.

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Give Your Hair Some TLC

Do you want the perfect hair on your wedding day? Then start giving your hair a little love and devotion that they deserve. How your bridal locks will look on that day will depend on how you care for your pre-wedding hair.

Here are some ways to care for your hair and make it soft to be easily styled on your big day. 

  • Nourish. You can ask your hairdresser about which deep conditioning treatment suits your tresses. This should make your hair glossy.
  • Improve your diet. Having a vitamin B-rich diet helps you maintain healthy hair as this vitamin brings out the natural shine of your hair. Eat more fish, eggs, and nuts for a good start.
  • Hydrate. Drinking won’t just benefit your skin but also your hair. Stay hydrated and strengthen your hair by drinking about eight glasses of water in a day.
  • Trim and color. Visit your hairdresser ahead of the ceremony if you wish to get a new look or simply get your split ends cut off. If you want a new hair color, do this in advance also.
  • Massage. Massaging your hair and scalp stimulate your hair follicles and help you relax.
  • Oil up. Whether it’s coconut, avocado, or argan oil, a few drops of oil daily can keep your hair nourished.

Your hair is just as vital as any of your wedding outfits. So, before the big event, consider figuring out which wedding hairstyle appeals to you the most and what accessories to wear. You can do the trial hairdo two months before the wedding.

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Make Your Skin Glow

Great bridal makeup starts with good skin. This is why you should pay attention to your skincare months away from the wedding.  You can visit a dermatologist six months before and see what skin prep they can give you. If you have an acne problem, you may ask for a topical cream or oral pill recommendations and other facials you can have. Your local spa can also give you facials to clear your blackheads or remove dead skin cells.  However, while you should start seeing your derm at least six months before the wedding, don’t dare get a facial treatment within ten days prior. And don’t sleep in your make-up the night before the wedding! You might end up having a huge breakout the next day.

Proper exfoliation, moisturizers, and a good night’s sleep are also key to having radiant skin. For a truly mesmerizing glow, drink enough water every day. This flushes out toxins, keeps your skin plump, and helps develop healthy pores. Hydration also helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

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Treat Your Eyes Well

While dark circles and puffiness are common when preparing for a big event, this should not be your case. In addition to getting adequate sleep, apply vitamin-rich eye cream and avoid salty food, which can cause puffiness. If you want to see if your eye make-up can hold up to the pressure, you can also test run your makeup, wearing it while watching a sad movie or doing something. This is not always on the top of a bride’s to-do list, but it is worth it.

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Practice Your Smile

You sure want to look your best in all your photos, especially if you have decided to create a wedding book. Well, who doesn’t want to look back on such a magical day? A wedding book is definitely a great idea to capture all the moments. Start smiling more to get that winning smile and prepare for a long day of smiling, which can be exhausting. Practicing your smile before the wedding will help you achieve the perfect smile for each picture. As all eyes will also be on you on your big day, your smile can be a way for you to show appreciation and happiness. How do you become confident in your smile? A visit to your dentist who can help you make your smile stand out is a must.

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Move Your Body

Often, brides engage in working out before they say I do. They want to make sure that their wedding dress will fit them on their special day. However, did you know that exercising is not only good for fitting your gorgeous wedding dress? Exercising helps you feel and look your best as it aids you to detox and enhances your skin’s health. It also helps you get fit, stay calm, and get enough sleep.  But when is the best time to do your wedding workout plan?  It should be at least six months before the wedding. Don’t starve yourself or do any last-minute super training just to fit in your dress. It might do you more harm than good.

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Get the Right Shoes

Preparing from head to toe also means getting the ultimate shoes. Although you probably have scheduled a pedicure to get amazing nails that match your overall look, having a pair of wedding shoes that won’t let you trip down the aisle. Choosing the right shoes should be more than aesthetic appeal. Yes, it should complement your wedding dress, but consider your comfort. You should not get heels just because they look class or elegant. Ask yourself if you will be comfortable walking in it.

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Treat Yourself to a Manicure and Pedicure

Perfectly manicured nails are great bridal accessories! You’ll probably show off your ring a lot while taking pictures. Or, depending on the length of your dress or your shoes, your toes might also take a spotlight.  At three months before the wedding, a regular manicure and pedicure should be on your list. It should not be overlooked! These cosmetic treatments can help you maintain healthy hands and feet. A rich-moisturizing lotion and cream after each treatment are also helpful.

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Summing Up

Being a radiant bride needs a lot of effort and pampering. It’s your day, and you deserve to look the most beautiful. While it’s easy to get anxious thinking about how everything can be perfect, you should also enjoy your prep time. In the end, you are still the most beautiful woman on your big day.

Rheyn aspires to be a best-selling author. She scribbles and reads a lot while watching over her little one, Fave. Happily married to a great guy named Pau, she loves to share learning and insights from their marriage journey. When not writing or playing with Fave, you’ll find her talking to her plants.