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Top 5 Tips for Hiring the Perfect Wedding Videographer

tips on hiring a videographer

What’s on your wedding to-do list? Depending on how close you are to the big day, you might still need to taste some sample wedding cakes, find a venue, or even pick out the perfect dress. If you’re like many couples, hiring a wedding videographer is on the list somewhere. A skillfully made wedding video is something that can bring you back to the special day no matter how many times you watch it, so it’s extra important that you make the right decision when choosing your wedding videographer. Having a delicious wedding cake or a show-stopping dress will make the day even better, but if you’re going to all that trouble to make sure those things are perfect, why not make sure you get a great video recording of it all as well?

The trick is to choose the videographer who’s right for you. Someone who’s having a luxury beach wedding in Florida would probably love an upscale Destin wedding videographer like Dalton Young Videography, but someone who’s having a laid-back ceremony in a rustic barn might prefer someone who’s a little more informal. Then there’s the matter of choosing someone with the right filming style, the right budget…and the list goes on. If you’re concerned about picking the right person for the job, just keep reading – you’ll find out the essentials below.

Hiring the Perfect Wedding Videographer

1. Make sure they’ll be filming in 1080p

Your wedding day should be one of the most magical days of your lives, so your wedding video should be special too. Not just in terms of craftsmanship and editing, but also in terms of resolution. It’s typical for videographers to promise HD videos (after all, who’s going to pay for a wedding video in 480p?), but that could end up having a resolution of only 720p – not exactly impressive. Others might film in SD, then digitally enhance the video’s resolution when they’re editing. For the best results, confirm that any videographer you’re considering films in 1080p, and gives you the finished product in the same resolution.

Hiring the Perfect Wedding Videographer

2. Get on the same page with your budget

The average wedding costs tens of thousands of dollars – and that’s with smart budgeting. While you don’t want to cut too many corners, most people are also working with a budget that only has so much wiggle room. There are many different levels of videographer, from amateur to expert. If you want value for money, you’ll probably find the right person somewhere in the middle. On one hand, you don’t want to hire a 20-year-old for $14/hour to show up and get some footage; you’d probably be better off asking one of your aunts to follow everyone around with her iPad for a few hours. On the other hand, a videographer is just one of the many important things that will be taking up room in your wedding budget, so you don’t want to over-commit with a pricier option and have to cut back in other areas.

Say you’ve found someone with great qualifications and a satisfactory price – you don’t have to stop there! Some wedding videographers offer gift registries, where guests can chip in on the cost of the videographer instead of silverware or bath towels.

tips on hiring a videographer

3. Find someone who’ll make your wedding video dreams come true

If you’ve decided to hire a wedding videographer, you probably already have some idea of what you want. Do you want a video that pulls on the heartstrings, or one that’s glamorous and cinematic? Are you interested in a video that shows off the opulence of the location, or the good times at the reception? Do you want epic drone shots, or a more intimate style of filming? Will they give you the raw footage as well as the final video?

You’ll probably have even more questions than these to ask any videographer you’re considering, but don’t feel shy about expressing your expectations. Assuming they’re fairly experienced, they’ve answered these same questions a thousand times before. Ask them to walk you through their overall goals during the editing phase, and discuss their filming style. Most videographers will have a specialty, so make sure you find someone who specializes in creating exactly the kind of wedding video you’re looking for.

Hiring the Perfect Wedding Videographer

4. Pick a videographer who’s pleasant to be around

This might not seem like an important concern during the planning stages, but on the special day you’ll be glad you chose someone who doesn’t bring down the vibe. The wedding videographer is supposed to be present for every special moment; even if they’re skilled enough to be unobtrusive, the way they act will still influence whatever’s happening around them.

Skills are important, but so is personality. If you’re talking with a company rather than a person, ask to meet the videographer who’ll be present at your wedding. It shouldn’t take long for you to figure out whether or not they’d be a good fit; if they start stepping on your toes or treating you like just another client, you’d be better off looking somewhere else.

tips on hiring a videographer

5. Read their reviews

You know how people talk themselves up on resumes? People do the same thing with potential clients. First, ask to look at their portfolio; this will show whether or not they can actually deliver. Second, check their online reviews; they’ll reveal whether the videographer is as all-around amazing as they say they are.

Online reviews could reveal that a certain videographer is consistently a joy to work with, or they could reveal that they tend to go past deadlines (which, at 6 months on average, is saying a lot). Who knows – you might just find out that they sometimes show up a bit under-dressed. Whatever the case, at least you’ll be getting both sides of the story

tips on hiring a videographer

Stress is inevitable when planning a wedding, but with the right advice to follow, you can certainly reduce it.

If you know how to find the right wedding videographer, you should end up with not only the wedding day, but the wedding video of your dreams.