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7 Tips for Planning a Mythical Honeymoon To Remember in Heraklion


Hey, lovebirds! Ready to kick off your forever in a place where legends were born? Let’s take you to Heraklion, the romantic heart of Crete. Imagine a place where ancient myths mingle with modern charm, where Minotaurs, kings, and heroes once tread, and now, where you two can create your own legendary love story. If Paris is too passé and Venice too vanilla, Heraklion’s the dreamy, mythical backdrop you need!

Starting Off on the Right Foot: Find Your Base Camp

First thing first: You need to set up your love nest. Heraklion has a range of stays, from luxury resorts to quaint boutique hotels, ensuring your romantic retreat starts with comfort and style. Now, nobody wants to drag around suitcases on day one — especially on a honeymoon.

Neptuno Beach

Neptuno Beach

Trusty Heraklion luggage storage services have your back. Dump those bags and kick off your mythical journey, hand-in-hand, unburdened. If you’re looking for our two cents, we’re head over heels for Lato Boutique Hotel, with its panoramic views of the harbor. For a dash of historic charm, the cozy Veneziano Boutique Hotel is nestled in the heart of the old town.

Explore the Palace of Knossos: Dive into Mythology

Ready to relive legends? The Palace of Knossos is calling! A relic from the Bronze Age, this archaeological marvel is where the infamous Minotaur once roamed the labyrinth. Picture you and your better half walking through ancient corridors, whispering secrets of King Minos and the captivating tales of old.

Feel the magic in the air as you immerse yourselves in myths, deciphering frescoes and sharing stolen kisses among age-old ruins. Knossos isn’t just a historical site; it's where your honeymoon takes on an epic, legendary hue.


Dine Like Cretan Royalty: Gastronomic Delights

One of the secrets to a lasting marriage? A shared love of food, of course! Heraklion offers a gourmet journey that rivals its historical allure. Loukoulos should be your cozy, go-to restaurant.
Nestled in a lush garden setting, this place epitomizes romantic dining. From classic Cretan dishes to contemporary twists, the city’s culinary canvas will leave your taste buds (and hearts) fluttering.

Stroll Along the Old Venetian Harbor: Romance in the Air

The Old Venetian Harbor in Heraklion is the perfect place for a romantic stroll. As the sun dips, casting golden hues over the age-old fortresses and the gentle waves, take a hand-in-hand walk along the waterfront.
The sound of local musicians fills the air, the scent of the sea mingles with fresh bougainvillea, and the world seems to slow down just for the two of you. It’s not just a walk; it’s a memory in the making.

Honeymoon in Heraklion
Honeymoon in Heraklion

Taste the Nectar of the Gods: Wine Tasting

When in Crete, sip as the Cretans do! Did you know that Heraklion is home to some of the oldest vineyards in Europe? Venture into local wineries or partake in wine-tasting tours. Each glass tells a story, a blend of ancient tradition and modern finesse. Whether you’re a wine connoisseur or just looking to toast to new beginnings, the region’s wines promise a journey of flavors and love notes with every sip.

crete wine
Honeymoon in Heraklion

Delve Deep Into Museums: Learn Together

Museums, at their core, are storytellers, and Heraklion’s museums are no exception. They hold within their walls tales of love, war, culture, and myth. A visit to the Heraklion Archaeological Museum is a must for newlyweds. This museum, one of the greatest in Greece, offers a sweeping journey from Neolithic times to Roman civilization. As you move from exhibit to exhibit, you’ll find yourselves drawn into tales of ancient rituals, Minoan frescoes, and gilded treasures. Sharing these discoveries and stories is what makes the experience unique. It’s not just about the past; it's about shaping your future conversations and

Honeymoon in Heraklion

Retail Therapy at 1866 Street: Shop Hand-in-Hand

Every honeymoon needs a bit of retail indulgence. 1866 Street, named after the historic Cretan revolution, is the heartbeat of Heraklion’s shopping district. As you meander down this bustling lane, you’ll come across a myriad of shops, from high-end boutiques to quirky local stores selling artisanal crafts. Don’t forget to pick up some Cretan olive oil, renowned for its rich flavor and purity. Handmade leather goods, intricate lacework, and locally produced wines also make for perfect souvenirs. Shopping here isn’t just about the items you bring home; it’s about the shared moments of choosing them, the laughter over a spontaneous purchase, and the joy of finding that perfect memento.

Honeymoon in Heraklion
Honeymoon in Heraklion

Honeymoon in Heraklion

In the embrace of Heraklion’s ancient walls and azure shores, every moment becomes a cherished memory. From mythical tales to modern delights, this city offers a tapestry of experiences perfect for honeymooning hearts. As your Heraklion chapter concludes, remember that the true adventure lies in the stories you’ve woven together, ready to be retold for years to come. Safe travels!