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How to choose a wedding photographer


A wedding is an important event which people would like to remember for the rest of their lives. A professional photographer can capture the brightest moments of the ceremony and party. It will allow you to keep the best memories in mind for long years and even share them with future generations.

It’s a great deal to find a specialist who will take pictures you like. Fortunately, you will be able to decide on one of the best wedding photographers in Ottawa or in another city after reading this article. We’ve prepared instructions on choosing a specialist.

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Figure out the budget

A lot depends on the budget. That’s why it’s necessary to understand how much money you’re ready to spend on the wedding photographer. A complete photo shooting of the celebration may cost you an arm and a leg. Define whether you want to have all the moments of the wedding to be captured or you’re ready to get the pictures only of the party, for example.

Keep in mind that many photographers have hourly wages. Also, their minimum working time varies. Some of them are ready to take pictures for two hours while others work at least 12 hours. It’s the reason why wedding photography prices are so different.

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Define the style you like

There are pretty many professionals who take wedding photos, and all of them have their unique styles. They use various compositions, pay much attention to the wide range of details and retouch pictures in special ways. Don’t limit yourself only to looking through wedding photographs, have a glance at family portraits, photos of nature, buildings, etc. Works of some professionals will touch your soul, and others won’t evoke any emotions.

Don’t be afraid to be out-of-vogue. If you don’t like trendy wedding photography, take note of styles that are close to you. Also, look at the entire image. A bride’s dress may seem very unattractiv, but you still can have your heart set on the ambience of the celebration. Imagine yourself in the place of the newly married and understand what you feel.

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Create a list of several photographers

The next step is making a list of those professionals whose works impressed you. Don’t opt only for one personality while they can have other photo shootings and plans on the day of your wedding party. In addition to it, not all of the photographers provide wage rates on their sites, and it may turn out that their services aren’t affordable.

It would be nice if you had recommendations from your friends who had a wedding. Anyway, all of the reviews are rather subjective.

Schedule a meeting

A photographer is going to accompany you during the most meaningful moments of your wedding. A person you’re going to choose should be in tune with both of you. So, make an appointment. This will help you to understand what strengths and weaknesses the photographer has. Of course, meetings with potential candidates take a lot of time, but it’s worth it.

It may happen that some of the photographers won’t be able to come. Try to communicate with them in Zoom, Skype or other programs for videoconferences. You’ll see how the people behave and will be able to know about their visions.


Figure out important details

There are so many things that should be taken into account. Make a list of questions that you would like to ask. Also, we’d like to recommend you to figure out the following moments:

  • What is included in the package? Do you have to pay an extra charge for additional photo equipment or some services;
  • Does the photographer make a wedding album or not? What are the conditions?
  • Is it necessary to order the services of the second photographer?
  • Discuss meal on the day, and the cost of the tickets if the photographer comes from another place;
  • Negotiate about the deadlines of payments and when you will get your photos.

Of course, it’s too difficult to cover all the questions, but you should be ready for various situations.

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Tell about the features of the wedding

A professional has to know in which conditions it’s necessary to take photos: sunny, dark, etc. Your photographer may have to bring additional equipment. In common, we’d recommend you to find a specialist who has worked with similar lighting, venue and surroundings.

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Define your rights on photos

Even when you use the services of the photographer, it doesn’t mean that you have all the rights on photos. This question is too blurry, and requires much attention. The photographer may not allow you to edit the pictures in any way or share them for commercial purposes.

Arrange a test shooting

A test shooting is a perfect variant to see whether the photographer has the same vision as you. It will be possible to define moments you have to work on. Also, you’ll see whether the photographer suits you or if it’s necessary to look for another candidate

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The right photographer will definitely make your wedding unforgettable. That’s why we highly recommend you to stick to these points while looking for a professional. They will make your search easier and help you to avoid fraud on the Internet.