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10 Unique Places to Pop the Question

10 Unique Places to Pop the Question

So, you’ve decided to pop the question. That’s great news! Marriage is an important aspect of life. Even though fewer people are getting married each year, many are still choosing to get married and spend their lives in holy matrimony. Chances are, if you’ve decided to take the plunge, then you’re probably wondering how to propose to your partner. This is a tough decision for some. You want to be original, but you aren’t too sure how else to go about it. Everyone says you should go the classic restaurant route, but you feel it’s old-fashioned and doesn’t represent you and your partner or your relationship. Here are some unique places and ways to pop the question!

where can you propose to your fiance

1. On top of a mountain:

A mountain top makes for great pictures! Plus, all the clean air will make you both feel great. She’ll be so busy taking in the sights she won’t even notice you get down on one knee! Make sure you propose a durable silicone engagement ring so you don’t accidentally ruin the diamond one on the hike up! The memory will last forever with a mountain top proposal. Make it a group hike with your close friends and family and include your photographer so she doesn’t guess something’s up!

2. At the movie theater:

While we can’t all rent out an entire movie theater with our friends and family and show a uniquely animated ending of a fairytale movie, you can still ask them to marry you at the movie theater! Go to a re-showing of their favorite movie, or consider popping the question right there in the lobby afterward. Many movie theaters have a unique fountain or sculpture right out front, so that’s a great location, too! Then, go to dinner and enjoy an evening together.

10 Unique Places to Pop the Question

3. At the aquarium:

An aquarium is a unique place to propose! You can easily set this up with the staff there, coordinating a time and place to pop the question. Then, you can have the trainers ensure the dolphins or any other specific aquatic animals are present in the background of the photos! It’s such a fun and unique place, and you can even consider having your wedding there, too.

10 Unique Places to Pop the Question

4. A scavenger hunt:

A scavenger hunt is a fun way to propose to your partner. Give them a variety of clues to solve around the city, park or even your home. At the end, you can be at the last clue location to give them the last clue and spell out “Will You Marry Me?” on it. Take it a step further and have friends and family there to support you, or just keep it simple and intimate by having it be the two of you and your photographer.

5. On a picnic:

Take your partner on a romantic picnic at a local park, beach, or even a nature preserve. Either during the picnic or at the end, ask them to marry you! You can hide the ring box in the picnic basket for them to bring out with the other food, or you can give it to them when they’re least expecting it! Either way, it’s a fun way to propose to your partner.

6. At the beach:

The beach is a beautiful place to propose to your partner. You can rent private beach access, or you can find a secluded place on a public beach to pop the question. Make sure you both wear comfortable clothes you don’t mind getting sand on! Try to pick a day that’s warmer out, but not too warm that the beach will be crowded.

10 Unique Places to Pop the Question

7. At home:

A true classic place to propose, proposing at your home is a truly intimate and unique place. Not everyone wants their proposal to be public and involve everyone and proposing while making dinner or in the backyard can be a beautiful and unique way to pop the question your partner won’t forget. You can spend the rest of the night basking in the glory of your proposal together and then plan a separate engagement party for a later date.

8. At their favorite museum:

Take a day trip to their favorite museum and propose there! Similar to proposing at the aquarium, you can coordinate with the museum staff to ensure you won’t have too many people encroaching on your proposal – or you can just completely surprise your partner and everyone else there. Whether it’s an art museum or a history museum, try to do it in a part of the museum they really enjoy. The bonus is you can most likely have your wedding there, too! That will make for a really special love story.

10 Unique Places to Pop the Question

9. Your first date location:

Proposing where you had your first date is a common yet always unique way to propose to your partner. Even if your first date was at a restaurant, consider proposing right outside the building as you walk by or recreate the dishes you both ordered at home instead! Your partner will love the gesture.

10 Unique Places to Pop the Question

10. At a bridge or historical landmark:

If there’s a picturesque bridge or historical landmark your partner loves, why not propose to them there? It will make for beautiful engagement photos, plus they can have a sweet and unique way to remember it by.

10 Unique Places to Pop the Question

Other Things to Know About Proposing

  • Only involve family and friends if you know your partner would want to: The way you propose is a test to whether or not you actually know your partner’s likes and dislikes. If she wouldn’t want her friends and family involved, then don’t involve them! If you go against her wishes, then it shows you didn’t particularly care to respect her and that never bodes well for marriage.
  • Get her ring size: Get her ring size early on so you can ensure the ring you get will fit her! Go to a jewelry store and get sized for a ring. The bonus part is you’ll already know her ring size for when you order your silicone wedding bands before the wedding!