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6 Ways To Use A Pop Up Canopy In Your Wedding Venue

pop up tent wedding inspiration

There’s something magical and special about an outdoor wedding venue. Being surrounded by nature and being out in the open can be refreshing, especially because you don’t have to go out to get some air. And knowing how emotional weddings can get, the fresh air can be beneficial.

But you can’t just let wedding guests and VIPs always stand out without any shelter. Some cover and protection from sunlight, rain, and the cold will be necessary because weather can be unpredictable. Most of all, making sure that everyone is comfortable is one of the biggest priorities in planning how to decorate your wedding venue.

This is why something like a pop-up canopy tent can be extremely useful depending on what you plan to use it for. Getting a 10’x10’ custom canopy can be perfect for the couple or a cake-cutting tent. If you want the reception to be held in canopy tents, you’ll need larger ones to hold more people. But to make it fit the wedding aesthetic perfectly, here are some ways you could do it.

canopy set up

1. Add And Layer Curtains And Drapes

When you first prop up a canopy tent, it can look rather bare and boring. If you have a theme and a certain aesthetic set for the wedding, you’ll need to decorate it. One of the things you could do is to layer curtains and drapes to add color and depth. This way, you don’t have to just look at the bare canvas of the tent.

If you want a whimsical garden wedding theme, you can’t just pitch a boring tent since it’s going to ruin the magical illusion. Instead, add some light and airy curtains and drapes. It can make the environment look magical and romantic, perfect for weddings.

canopy wedding decor

2. Lay Down Flooring

Depending on the type of canopy you buy, it can serve as a roof and even walls. However, because it lacks flooring, you’ll need to add a carpet, rugs, or anything more substantial to make it sturdier. Plus, you’ll need a dancefloor, which you can’t have on uneven flooring. Make sure the material matches the aesthetic, but most importantly, keep in mind that it should also give comfort and safety to the guests.

floor ideas for a pop up wedding

3. Include Hanging Flower Arrangements And Garlands

When it comes to wedding décor, you can’t do without flower arrangements and garlands. One of the ways you could beautify it is with hanging flower arrangements and garlands. It not only adds color and texture, but it can also hide some parts of the canopy that aren’t very pretty to look at. So, make sure that you strategically place the flowers.

floral chandeliers for a pop up tent wedding
floral chandelier for a pop up wedding decor

4. Jazz It Up With Lighting

Most wedding receptions and parties can last through the night, and it’s important to have lighting to brighten up the interior and exterior of the tent. But remember that there should be some powerful lighting that can illuminate the place. Apart from that, some decorative and ambient lighting will assist to enhance the space. Lanterns, chandeliers, and fairy lights, for example, may dramatically alter the appearance of canopies.

canopy wedding decor

5. Line The Ceiling

If you’ve ever attended an outdoor wedding with canopies before, you might have seen how it’s possible to line the ceiling. As mentioned, the bare ceiling of a canopy tent isn’t the prettiest thing you can look at. To solve this, you could line the ceiling using fabric. You could use several kinds of fabrics to achieve layered textures, or you could choose the color combination you have picked out for your theme.

7. Put A Lot Of Effort In Decorating The Entrance

Working on the entrance is one of the most important things you can do to make the canopy décor as impactful as possible. Think of it as a portal into a different world, where guests can feel transported into a world of romance. Once they step into the canopy, they can stay in that mindset. One thing you could do this is to add an arch of flowers or a gateway. This way, you can get the full impact, and make it an unforgettable time for everyone.


Pop-up canopies are fantastic for all kinds of outdoor events, especially weddings. It can help enhance the environment and décor. But it’s important to make sure that you use different ways to decorate it and transform it to match your vision and wedding theme. But it’s also important to make sure that the canopies are big enough to hold everyone comfortably. Moreover, setting them up correctly and safely should be the priority.