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How To Pull Off An Intimate Yet Fabulous Wedding

intimate wedding ceremony

Different people have a distinct taste for how they want their wedding to be. While some prefer to have a grand wedding, some people opt to have an intimate one instead.

Intimate Weddings Are Fabulous

With an intimate wedding, you’ll only invite fewer people, preferably about 20 to 30 guests, including your family and your closest friends. With only people who you lovingly know, you can truly cherish the moment. In this kind of setup, you can be with your special someone and let this event be witnessed with people who actually matter in your life.

And even if there are only a few people involved, it doesn’t mean that you can’t make your wedding fabulous and astonishing. Listed below are the tips on how you can pull off an intimate yet fabulous wedding for you to cherish:

planning an intimate wedding bride and groom

1. Choose The Best Wedding Bouquet

Since you’ll have limited guests, you can probably save plenty of money and use that extra cash to make your wedding more memorable and fantastic. And one of the things you should splurge on is your wedding bouquet.You can search online for inspirations that will match your theme. You can find Bouqs wedding bouquets and other bouquet websites online to find high-quality and beautiful flower arrangements ideal for your wedding.

Remember, your bouquet is the only flower that you get to keep after your wedding, so why not make it the best one? You may not know it, but many couples nowadays preserve their bouquets as one of their keepsakes from their weddings.

white wedding bouquet for an intimate wedding
peach wedding bouquet for an intimate wedding theme

2. Decorate The Entire Room With Flowers

Flowers bring romance and life inside the room. It’s almost impossible to see a wedding without any flowers at all. With that, you may want to include numerous flowers in your venue and allow it to be a forest of love and happiness.

When choosing flowers, you need to be careful as you can’t just throw in anything that you think is beautiful individually. You should allow each flower to blend perfectly with each other to ensure that nothing sticks out of the bunch and add unnecessary meaning with their presence. Aside from that, you should make sure to avoid flowers with strong scents and with lots of pollen. You wouldn’t want you and your guests crying because of allergies during the wedding.

It’ll be helpful to have a flower checklist that can guide you about which style and theme you should go for with the flowers. With the right mix, you can help to emphasize the beauty and romance inside the room.

wedding flower decor at an intimate wedding
wedding table with greenery

3. Include Candles And Warm Lights

One of the highlights of an intimate wedding is to include warm colours inside the venue. You can achieve that by adding candles and string lights which can imitate a magical and romantic ambiance, that will surely bring everyone into a romantic mood.

If you like the idea of having a candle-filled ballroom wedding, you should include candles on each table as its centrepiece. However, you need to be careful about creating the perfect balance, as you don’t want your entire venue to look like a witch’s den. As you include candles, ensure that they’re long-lasting and have a candle holder that will handle the drips of the candle for a clean table.

To improve the romantic ambiance inside the room, you should add string and fairy lights. You can hand the string lights around the entire venue and use fairy lights for the tables, posts, walls, and other decorations. When adding lights, ensure that they radiate warm colours and should not be too bright.

candles at an intimate wedding
intimate wedding reception

4. Provide A Welcome Box

If you’re planning to have a destination wedding, it would be ideal if you could provide a welcome box for your guests. With this, you’re showing them that you’re happy that they’re at your wedding, and you want them to feel comfortable as much as possible.

With a welcome box, add things that they could use in the venue. For example, if you’re having a beach wedding, you could include sunglasses, sunblock, a voucher for a free drink at the tiki bar, and more. You can top it off by having a hand-written letter about how they should enjoy the weekend, and you look forward to seeing them at the wedding. This will be a gesture your guests would highly appreciate.

wedding box filled with wedding ideas

5. Maximize Food Options

Since you’ll only be having a few guests, you might want to make the food as exquisite as much as possible. One of the few things that your guests would remember at your wedding is how good the food was. With this, you may want to make them taste the best food there could ever be.

To achieve a flavourful menu and dish, you should look and hire the best chef and catering option in your area. In this way, you can ensure that they’ll be having the best brunch or dinner and would be coming home with a satisfied stomach.

Moreover, you can also add any type of food station that you’d like. You can include a food truck, pastry, ice cream, taco, or popcorn station and allow your guests to enjoy every option they could have. Nothing feels better than receiving compliments from people close to you about how great the food was at your wedding.

wedding meal


As you plan for an intimate yet fabulous wedding, you can focus your extra budget on your decorations. Apart from designing and staging the venue, you also need to prioritize plenty of things to ensure that everyone will have fun and remember the day forever.

The perks of having an intimate wedding are endless. With fewer guests to accommodate, you can truly enjoy the food stations you order, be with your family and friends, and just have fun.