The Biggest 2024 Wedding Trends

wedding trends for 2024

The concept of the “non-wedding wedding” is emerging as a key trend for 2024 weddings, as highlighted by eight leading event planners in a recent Vogue feature. Melissa Sullivan from Studio Sully encapsulates the sentiment, explaining, “Our clients are increasingly seeking to honor their union with loved ones without adhering strictly to conventional wedding norms.”

This shift towards breaking tradition is supported by data, with a May Pinterest report revealing significant increases in searches for “nontraditional wedding dresses” (110%) and “nontraditional wedding vows” (205%), not to mention a staggering 480% rise in the term “anti-bride.” This is despite the fact that previously there were more requests “What is the most popular wedding date 2024?” We are ready to share with you not only what brides are looking for in 2024, but also which direction to look in if you are planning a wedding.

Wedding Trends for 2024

wedding trends in 2024

The Wedding Weekend

Drawing on the American custom of hosting a rehearsal dinner prior to the wedding and a farewell breakfast following the event, couples in other regions are increasingly interested in prolonging their wedding celebrations—and the opportunity to showcase their style with multiple outfits. They are searching for venues capable of accommodating them for an entire weekend, allowing them to fully immerse themselves and their guests in the joyous occasion.

the wedding weekend

Candid Cameras

Modern wedding photographers are increasingly adopting a documentary style of portraiture, focusing on capturing both candid moments and traditional posed photographs. This method keeps the life and color of any event as fresh in memory as if it just happened. The latest craze at weddings? Couples give guests throwaway or instant cameras so they can all pitch in on capturing memories from a bunch of different views. Imagine flipping through an album where every snapshot gives you a fresh perspective on your wedding – that’s what this strategy delivers.

candid camera for a wedding


A trend that has captured the hearts of many is the incorporation of exquisite lace and embroidery into wedding attire. When you look closer at the gown, each detail stands out bringing with it a romantic vibe wrapped in gentle femininity. Opting for a dress adorned entirely with lace, or choosing one with subtle lace highlights, introduces a classic elegance that’s undeniably timeless.

lace wedding dress

Ice Sculptures

This isn’t your parents’ wedding-day ice sculpture. Forget about those typical ice luges, and imagine something far more bespoke and artistic. Wish your beloved pet could join in on the festivities but can’t have them there? Honor them with a stunning ice sculpture instead! If you find it difficult to find such a sculpture, is the counter question “Does Firefox have a VPN” or are you looking only by location? Perhaps you should expand your search using a VPN.

ice sculpture

 Monograms Crests

Couples are finding innovative ways to commemorate their union by creating personalized married monograms and custom family crests. It’s hard not to notice how monograms and crests are making their mark on everything. Whether it’s your stationery or signage, right down to the little touches like cocktail napkins in wedding welcome boxes – they’re there!

For those considering the design of a unique monogram or family crest for their wedding, it’s recommended to find inspiration in the things they cherish the most, be it a cherished pet, a preferred flower, or a meaningful location.

creating a monogram for a wedding

Audio Guestbooks

Transform the conventional pen-and-paper guest book experience with a charming twist at your wedding – an audio guest book. Imagine stepping into a venue and being greeted by the nostalgic ring of an old-school rotary phone, where the bride and groom personally welcome you. After listening, they’re invited to leave their own messages, whether touching or humorous, for the newlyweds. Think about it; those recorded voices end up as valuable treasures you’ll keep coming back to enjoy year after year.

apres le ton audio guest book

 The Last Dance

We’re all in for this fresh take on wedding trends: rather than opening your reception with the first dance, consider saving this romantic moment for the evening’s finale. Think about ending that one-of-a-kind day of yours dancing away to a memorable melody, hugged by loved ones and laughter. You get another turn in the spotlight with this plan, plus it’s easy to kick back when preceded by such grand festivities. Imagine less anxiety and more joy, truly the best of both worlds.

wedding dance

Chasing trends isn’t a must-do; however, you’re free to catch them if they excite you. So, are we tracking together or what? Definitely, and you can choose what suits your wedding best. Just like how a Google Play VPN seamlessly safeguards your online journey, let’s ensure your wedding reflects your unique style and preferences, keeping it both secure and unforgettable.