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Wedding Planning on a Budget: The Ultimate Guide

planning a wedding on a budget

That’s the average cost of a wedding is 38,000. Moreover, this cost doesn’t cover the engagement ring or the honeymoon expenses!

buying a wedding dress in advance

But does that mean you can’t still have the wedding of your dreams? Wrong!

All you need for a gorgeous wedding ceremony and reception is a budget and a few smart strategies! These include: establishing the size of your wedding, opting for a smaller or non-traditional venue, having a weekday wedding, taking the “DIY road,” buying a wedding dress at a discount, and more.

wedding reception

Dive deeper into our mini-wedding-planning-guide to help you save big on your big day!

The Wedding Size

When it comes to organizing a wedding, less is often more. The fact is every guest is an expense. The longer the guest list, the higher your overall wedding cost. Having a guest list as long as the royal weddings would not be a great idea when it comes to wedding planning on your budget. On the bright side, however, inviting fewer people to your wedding makes for a much more intimate and memorable affair.

If the number of guests isn’t important for your fiancé, try cutting the guest list by 40%. Or invite all your guests to your wedding ceremony but plan a comparatively smaller reception with just your family and close friends.


The Wedding Venue

The venue you pick for your wedding will significantly impact your overall costs.

Go for a Smaller Venue

The equation here is simple: smaller venue = smaller guest list.  You may feel tempted to bring in more guests for your wedding day. But when your guest list goes down, your wedding not only gets a lot less expensive but a lot more intimate.

wedding reception

Pick a Non-Traditional Venue

This is another smart strategy to save up on your wedding costs. Why? Because often, non-traditional wedding venues aren’t typically used for weddings. This means they cost a lot less than the traditional ones—Look for venues like botanical gardens, flower gardens, lakeside locations, and other similar locations. Even if a venue you love isn’t listed as a wedding venue, you can still book your dream wedding there.

non traditional wedding venue

Get Married During the Week

Most venues would offer a good deal to those who want to book a wedding from Sundays through Thursdays. Venue owners would be happy to have their entire weeks filled. Most venues even need help to keep their weeknights filled. This is great for a small wedding because it gives you a lot of leverage to negotiate.

getting married during the week

Take the “DIY Road” Whenever Possible

The do-it-yourself (DIY) approach can help you and your fiancé saves big for your big day.

Start with your wedding invitations. Sure, getting designer invitations with gold leaf patterns is great. But is it a good idea to spend over $800 on something that will ultimately end up in a trash can? On the other hand, all you need to DIY your own invitations are a decent home printer, a few stationery supplies, and a Canva template.

DIY wedding ideas

Say No to Flowers that are Out of Season

This one is a no-brainer. Buying flowers that are in season is a lot less expensive than buying those that are out of season. Flowers, including Calla Lilies, roses, and tulips, are in season year-round and popular as wedding flowers. If you want specific flowers for your wedding that might go out of season, consider purchasing and planting the seeds yourself.

Make Purchases at the End of the Wedding Season

Another secret to unlocking a budget wedding is making purchases at the wedding season’s end. This is when several wedding-centred stores try to clear the space to prepare for the next season. Regardless of the wedding supplies you’re looking for, this is when you’d get huge discounts on most of your wedding paraphernalia.

Buy an Affordable Wedding Dress

You will be the star of your wedding. Your big day will be the most memorable day of your life. Sure, purchasing a brand-new dress at a boutique can cost you a bundle. But you still have several other options to get the wedding dress of your dreams. Shopping at discount stores, buying a wedding dress off the rack, or renting a designer gown for your wedding are all budget-friendly options.

buying a discount wedding dress
discount wedding dress

Plan Your Dream Wedding at an Affordable Cost

Once you have a solid plan, having a beautiful, memorable, and affordable wedding is more than possible. When preparing for your big day, ensure you don’t lose sight of what truly matters.  Creating memories that will last forever will make all the difference. So, roll up your sleeves, get smart (and creative!), and be prepared to say, “I do!”

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