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8 Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing a Bridal Dress

wedding dress shopping
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Ideally, your wedding dress should highlight your personality and become a source of happy memories. However, with all the options available, it is relatively easy to overlook essential elements, causing you to settle for a dress you’ll eventually regret. To save you from frustration, here are eight mistakes you should avoid when shopping for a wedding dress.

wedding dress shopping

Not setting a realistic budget

One common mistake of brides-to-be when dress shopping is not deciding on a budget. Remember that your wedding gown is one of the most emotional and expensive purchases you’ll need to make, so it is essential that you budget wisely. Set a figure you’re comfortable spending before booking a bridal dress appointment, and remind the bridal consultant not to bring dresses beyond your price range.

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Deliberately ordering the wrong size

While it’s natural to want to be in your best form during your special day, ordering a smaller size is not only realistic but also inefficient. Instead of forcing your body to fit a specific dress size, concentrate your efforts on finding a dress that best features your current figure. Never pressure yourself to lose weight so that you can fit into a smaller size or wait until you lose the extra pounds before going dress shopping. Make sure to choose a bridal shop that offers high-quality dresses for every body type. Consider checking Jovani sexy wedding dresses collection, as their pieces are designed to boost your confidence regardless of your size and shape.

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Shopping too early or too late

Creating a high-quality wedding dress takes considerable time, so you must efficiently plan your bridal dress shopping timeline. Buying a dress too early may cause you to second-guess your purchase as you might encounter other designs that suit your fancy. Alternatively, procrastinating will only lead you to settle for a wedding gown that is either substandard or is too expensive. It is highly recommended that you start shopping at least six months in advance to ensure that your dress shopping experience goes as smoothly as possible.

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Not considering the venue

Another common mistake brides make while dress shopping is disregarding their wedding venue. Before going to a bridal salon, make sure you already have a final location, as it will dictate the appropriate style of your wedding dress. For instance, a ball gown is not suitable for a beach wedding, and wearing a slinky slip to an intimate church wedding might not be ideal. Finalizing your wedding venue before booking a bridal appointment will ensure that you’re dressed properly and your dress style highlights your wedding day’s aesthetics.

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Bringing the wrong entourage

While it’s been a tradition to bring your loved ones when dress shopping, having too many people giving unsolicited advice can cause you to constantly second-guess your decision and make you lose focus. Limit your entourage to two to three trusted people, and remember to always trust your instincts

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Not trusting the bridal consultant

Another crucial error brides tend to make is not believing in their bridal consultant. Some of these professionals already have years of experience guiding brides in securing their dream dresses, so remember to listen to their perspectives with an open mind. However, be wary of bridal consultants who are clearly just looking to make a sale. Avoid being swayed by their marketing pitches, and find a reliable bridal shop that respects your needs and preferences.

Not wearing proper shoes while dress shopping 

One less obvious yet significant mistake that brides usually commit is trying on bridal dresses without their wedding shoes. If you haven’t bought your shoes yet, make sure to wear something similar when you go dress shopping and during alterations. Remember that your shoes can influence how you look on your bridal dress, and it’ll be more expensive to adjust your gown should there be a significant height difference.

Trying on multiple dresses

Once you’ve found your dream bridal dress, you must purchase it immediately and end your search. Trying on plenty of dresses will only lead to confusion and uncertainty. Try on at least four to six different dress styles, but avoid experimenting with more than ten. Make sure you conduct your research beforehand to get a general idea of the look you’re going for. Bring plenty of visual examples so you can communicate well with the designer or bridal consultant.  Searching for the perfect bridal gown is one of the most exciting yet challenging aspects when planning a wedding. Avoid these common mistakes when dress shopping, and remember to enjoy the process.