Chic Yet Effortless Style

July 1, 2015

 Alex and Josh are one of those couples who just radiate love from every pore in their bodies. The way they speak to one another and look at each other really allows to you to feel appreciative for even being witness to their true love. When the couple hired Hey Gorgeous Events to help partially plan their event and bring together a cohesive design, she knew it would be easy to create a look together with Alex and Josh that would be reflective of both their chic yet effortless style and very sweet romance. Alex’s Jenny Packham gown was a big source of inspiration behind the florals, textures and decor.  It’s was a very textural gown with a soft and ethereal flow to it so they wanted the wedding decor to match. They also used the backdrop of their gorgeous church and reception venue, Liuna Gardens to steer the choices so that the atmosphere of the event would be stylish but scaled back to let the couples love take centre stage that day. A colour palette of dark greens with a touch of black and gold, were juxtaposed with soft peaches, blushes and ivories. Lots of textures with the linens, colours variance with the centrepieces and had over 125 pillar candles placed around the venue for a romantic vibe.

Vacca_Alvernia_Mango_Studios_MangoAlexandraJoshua001-w810  Vacca_Alvernia_Mango_Studios_MangoAlexandraJoshua003-w810 Vacca_Alvernia_Mango_Studios_MangoAlexandraJoshua004-w810  Vacca_Alvernia_Mango_Studios_MangoAlexandraJoshua006-w810  Vacca_Alvernia_Mango_Studios_MangoAlexandraJoshua008-w810   Vacca_Alvernia_Mango_Studios_MangoAlexandraJoshua011-w810  Vacca_Alvernia_Mango_Studios_MangoAlexandraJoshua013-w810 Vacca_Alvernia_Mango_Studios_MangoAlexandraJoshua014-w810 Vacca_Alvernia_Mango_Studios_MangoAlexandraJoshua015-w810 Vacca_Alvernia_Mango_Studios_MangoAlexandraJoshua016-w810 Vacca_Alvernia_Mango_Studios_MangoAlexandraJoshua017-w810  Vacca_Alvernia_Mango_Studios_MangoAlexandraJoshua019-w810   Vacca_Alvernia_Mango_Studios_MangoAlexandraJoshua022-w810 Vacca_Alvernia_Mango_Studios_MangoAlexandraJoshua023-w810 Vacca_Alvernia_Mango_Studios_MangoAlexandraJoshua024-w810  Vacca_Alvernia_Mango_Studios_MangoAlexandraJoshua026-w810   Vacca_Alvernia_Mango_Studios_MangoAlexandraJoshua029-w810  Vacca_Alvernia_Mango_Studios_MangoAlexandraJoshua031-w810 Vacca_Alvernia_Mango_Studios_MangoAlexandraJoshua032-w810  Vacca_Alvernia_Mango_Studios_MangoAlexandraJoshua034-w810  Vacca_Alvernia_Mango_Studios_MangoAlexandraJoshua036-w810 Vacca_Alvernia_Mango_Studios_MangoAlexandraJoshua037-w810 Vacca_Alvernia_Mango_Studios_MangoAlexandraJoshua038-w810 Vacca_Alvernia_Mango_Studios_MangoAlexandraJoshua039-w810 Vacca_Alvernia_Mango_Studios_MangoAlexandraJoshua040-w810 Vacca_Alvernia_Mango_Studios_MangoAlexandraJoshua041-w810    Vacca_Alvernia_Mango_Studios_MangoAlexandraJoshua045-w810  Vacca_Alvernia_Mango_Studios_MangoAlexandraJoshua047-w810 Vacca_Alvernia_Mango_Studios_MangoAlexandraJoshua048-w810   Vacca_Alvernia_Mango_Studios_MangoAlexandraJoshua051-w810 Vacca_Alvernia_Mango_Studios_MangoAlexandraJoshua052-w810  Vacca_Alvernia_Mango_Studios_MangoAlexandraJoshua054-w810 Vacca_Alvernia_Mango_Studios_MangoAlexandraJoshua055-w810 Vacca_Alvernia_Mango_Studios_MangoAlexandraJoshua056-w810  Vacca_Alvernia_Mango_Studios_MangoAlexandraJoshua058-w810 Vacca_Alvernia_Mango_Studios_MangoAlexandraJoshua059-w810  Vacca_Alvernia_Mango_Studios_MangoAlexandraJoshua061-w810 Vacca_Alvernia_Mango_Studios_MangoAlexandraJoshua062-w810 Vacca_Alvernia_Mango_Studios_MangoAlexandraJoshua063-w810 Vacca_Alvernia_Mango_Studios_MangoAlexandraJoshua064-w810 Vacca_Alvernia_Mango_Studios_MangoAlexandraJoshua065-w810  Vacca_Alvernia_Mango_Studios_MangoAlexandraJoshua067-w810   Vacca_Alvernia_Mango_Studios_MangoAlexandraJoshua070-w810 Vacca_Alvernia_Mango_Studios_MangoAlexandraJoshua071-w810 Vacca_Alvernia_Mango_Studios_MangoAlexandraJoshua072-w810  Vacca_Alvernia_Mango_Studios_MangoAlexandraJoshua074-w810 Vacca_Alvernia_Mango_Studios_MangoAlexandraJoshua075-w810

Photographer: Mango Studios | Wedding Design, Coordination, and Flowers: Hey Gorgeous Events Venue: Liuna Gardens – Wedding Dress: Jenny Packham Groom’s Suit: Harry Rosen – Wedding Cake: Sugarbelle Cakes – Videographer: Outside In Studio –

Dream Catchers

June 30, 2015

Written by Christina Rowan

This dreamscape décor focuses on bringing a bride and groom from down on earth to up in the clouds for inspiration. Think light, fluffy and soft at the touch. Pink roses, invitations, tableware and shoes mixed with white feathery details in the gown, headpiece, light fixtures, linens and birdcage treat holders create a chic scene that translates the possibility of boho dreams becoming a reality. Exposed brick walls, large windows and a soft colour palette become the perfect backdrop for a dreamlike state that you don’t want to wake from. Dare to fall deeper and deeper in love with this style shoot.

LeDolci_Mar62015-92-w810-h1801LeDolci_Mar62015-2-w810-h1801LeDolci_Mar62015-19-w810-h1801LeDolci_Mar62015-33-w810-h1801LeDolci_Mar62015-102-w810-h1801LeDolci_Mar62015-122-w810-h1801LeDolci_Mar62015-94-w810-h1801 LeDolci_Mar62015-127-w810-h1801 LeDolci_Mar62015-130-w810-h1801 LeDolci_Mar62015-165-w810-h1801LeDolci_Mar62015-155-w810-h1801LeDolci_Mar62015-177-w810-h1801 LeDolci_Mar62015-183-w810-h1801 LeDolci_Mar62015-192-w810-h1801 LeDolci_Mar62015-199-w810-h1801 LeDolci_Mar62015-203-w810-h1801 LeDolci_Mar62015-212-w810-h1801 LeDolci_Mar62015-223-w810-h1801 LeDolci_Mar62015-265-w810-h1801

Flowers: Pink Twig | Gown: Kleinfeld Hudson’s Bay | Photography: Blynda DaCosta Photography | Production & Design: Blast Events | Location: Le Dolci | Stationery: Lovely Cards | Jewellery: Leif Benner | Makeup: Rosette Sund | Hair: Carrie Stern | Rentals: Event Rental Group | Linens: Susan Murray International | Sweets: Le Dolci | Suit: Garrison Bespoke | Headpiece: David Dunkley Fine Millinery | Cages: Birch & Co. | Models: B&M Models

At First Blush

June 22, 2015

Written by Christina Rowan

Fresh highlights, sun kissed skin and precious gems are just a part of what makes a summer wedding the brightest occasion. Following a theme of blush tones, this bride paired a soft smokey eye and lip combo with rose gold jewellery to evoke that ever-elusive summer glow. A lavish collection of flowers with pastel tones and flowing greenery was cleverly combined to create the boho-inspired bouquet, which includes hydrangeas, lavender and peach stocks, O’Hara garden roses, Sahara pearl and pink roses, jasmine leaves and seeded eucalyptus.

Wedding planner, stylist & Creative Director : Anya Bortnik Le Chic Soirée  | Floral Design & Decor : Royal Orchid Florist | Gown by: Ines Di Santo  | Makeup by Brittany Gray : Fancy Face Inc. | Hair by Melissa : Fancy Face Inc.  | Reception venue : Bellevue Manor   | Vogue Chairs: Detailz Chair Couture Event Rentals  | Photographer : Crystal Hahn Photography | Rentals : Dishes, cutlery, glassware, linens: Event Rental Group | Wedding Cake/sweet table : Cakealicious by Reem | Macarons by: MacaronZ  | Stationery: Le Papier Invitations | Jewelery : Tara Fava Custom Jewelery Design | Custom Aisle Runner :  Dance Floor Décor | Ceremony Draping & Backdrop: Enzo Mercuri Designs  | Food & food styling: Art of Food  | Accessories (shoes) by: Miu Miu, Holt Renfrew  | Model: Chanelle Garrow