Save It For A Rainy Day

September 3, 2015

Written by Christina Rowan

Penny and Phil didn’t let a little rain ruin their wedding day in Montreal! Instead, they embraced it and used it as an opportunity to pose for some out-of-the-box photos taken by Lightbox Studio as a newlywed couple.

P&P_478-w810-h2000 P&P_006-w810-h2000 P&P_071-w810-h2000 P&P_539-w810-h2000 P&P_079-w810-h2000 P&P_083-w810-h2000 P&P_432-w810-h2000 P&P_151-w810-h2000 P&P_514-w810-h2000 P&P_436-w810-h2000 P&P_196-w810-h2000 P&P_201-w810-h2000 P&P_206-w810-h2000 P&P_346-w810-h2000 P&P_375-w810-h2000 P&P_369-w810-h2000 P&P_367-w810-h2000 P&P_365-w810-h2000 P&P_368-w810-h2000 P&P_370-w810-h2000 P&P_371-w810-h2000 P&P_372-w810-h2000 P&P_381-w810-h2000 P&P_389-w810-h2000 P&P_393-w810-h2000 P&P_532-w810-h2000

Photography: Lightbox Studio | Hair: Muse Coiffure | Makeup: Magali Seguin | Florals: Clove Florist | Rentals: Sofa to go | Caterer: Miss prêt a manger | Location: Marche Bonsecours


Bohemian Princess

September 2, 2015

Written by Christina Rowan

This “Bohemian Princess” style shoot marries the colours of the rainbow with life in the forest. Wherever there’s a hue of orange, blue or pink, there’s a hint of wildlife. Whether sprouting from the sweet table, draping from the drink cart or outlining the invitations, greenery finds a way to makes its presence known. Create exquisite centrepieces by picking surrounding furniture that has minimal detail. Let the flowers speak for themselves. Place them in vases that won’t take away any attention. The way these flowers have been arranged – with the stems cut short – make the vases appear to be empty, only they are cleverly resting on top.

Elegant_Wedding_Shoot_116-w810-h1801Elegant_Wedding_Shoot_11-w810-h1801Elegant_Wedding_Shoot_1-w810-h1801Elegant_Wedding_Shoot_13-w810-h1801Elegant_Wedding_Shoot_31-w810-h1801Elegant_Wedding_Shoot_35-w810-h1801Elegant_Wedding_Shoot_54-w810-h1801Elegant_Wedding_Shoot_83-w810-h1801Elegant_Wedding_Shoot_78-w810-h1801Elegant_Wedding_Shoot_114-w810-h1801Elegant_Wedding_Shoot_108-w810-h1801Elegant_Wedding_Shoot_123-w810-h1801 Elegant_Wedding_Shoot_127-w810-h1801 Elegant_Wedding_Shoot_130-w810-h1801 Elegant_Wedding_Shoot_134-w810-h1801 Elegant_Wedding_Shoot_135-w810-h1801 Elegant_Wedding_Shoot_140-w810-h1801 Elegant_Wedding_Shoot_212-w810-h1801 Elegant_Wedding_Shoot_229-w810-h1801 Elegant_Wedding_Shoot_235-w810-h1801

Producer & Coordinator: Elite Events Consultants | Gown: Ines Di Santo | Flowers: Lemon Truffle Designs | Photography: Amy Cheshire Photography | Hair: Kristen Foote Make-up + Hair | Makeup: Makeup by Aniqua Malik | Linens: Have A Seat Inc. | Stationery: Paper Damsels | Chair Rentals: Detailz Chair Couture | Wedding Cake & Dessert Table: Marshall Cake Artistry | Jewellery: Tara Fava Jewellery | Stemware & Tableware: Plate Occasions | Location: Story’s Building

Blushing Fairytale

September 1, 2015
Written by Christina Rowan
Bweddings brought together a timeless blush gown and elements of a modern fairytale to create this dreamy romantic style shoot. From the floral arrangements (made in the shape of a crown) to the wedding cake (inscribed with love poems and a keyhole) to the cupcakes (topped with the key to open the “dreams door”) every detail contributes to the fairytale theme.
67-Fairy Tale Shoot-web-20-w810-h2000_TER4885-w810-h200067-Fairy Tale Shoot-web-26-w810-h200067-Fairy Tale Shoot-web-17-w810-h2000_TER4887-w810-h200067-Fairy Tale Shoot-web-14-w810-h200067-Fairy Tale Shoot-web-30-w810-h200067-Fairy Tale Shoot-web-9-w810-h200067-Fairy Tale Shoot-web-31-w810-h2000_TER4913-w810-h200067-Fairy Tale Shoot-web-12-w810-h200067-Fairy Tale Shoot-web-27-w810-h200067-Fairy Tale Shoot-web-23-w810-h200067-Fairy Tale Shoot-web-24-w810-h2000 _TER4915-w810-h2000 67-Fairy Tale Shoot-web-15-w810-h2000 67-Fairy Tale Shoot-web-29-w810-h2000 67-Fairy Tale Shoot-web-28-w810-h2000
Event Planner: Bweddings | Photography: Collective67 | Floral Design: Kaas Floral Design | Linens: Susan Murray International | Furniture rentals: Happily Ever After | Hair & Makeup Artist: Milshi Makeup & Hair | Makeup Artist: Dash Beauty Bar & Accessories | Gown designer: Sharleez Concept | Cake & Pastries: The Cake Parlour | Venue: Estates of Sunnybrook