May 27, 2015

Kate Spade and rustic farm tables were the inspiration for this garden shoot.  Twin Oaks Estate gave a fantastic backdrop for the beautiful blooms and classic details that made this photo shoot come together.

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Photography by: Christina O’Brien Photography  | Venue: Twin Oaks Garden Estate | Linens & Covering: BBJ Linens| Specialty Foods: Michelle Haute Choclat | Event Planner: Simply Classic Events | Invitation Designer: Soirees and Showers | Sweets: Sweet Cheeks Baking Company | Floral Designer: Taylor Grace Custom Florals | Rentals – Madam Palooza Vintage Rentals



Gothic Glam

May 20, 2015

What do you get when you mix a little epic romance and a little gothic glam? This drop dead gorgeous masquerade inspired shoot from Krystal Zaskey Photography. The focus on old New Orleans style ambiance as the inspiration to create a luxurious style but with a slight gothic european flair!  Tucked away in the heart of West Palm Beach, FL The Ann Norton Sculpture Garden offers lush tropical landscapes, water ponds, and superhuman sized sculptures that seem to come to life when your standing next to them. These grounds served as a home and personal studio to the artist throughout her adult life and you feel like you have walked into another world just being there. They featured non-traditional antique rod iron archways, cascading florals, and some very neat masks throughout the grounds.

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The sunlight piercing through the palms during the time of our shoot made for a very magical ceremony. You can see the whole place seems as if it’s illuminated!The true kicker for this seemingly enchanted styled session was the reception site. It was set up in the courtyard of the grounds. Complete with luxurious black velvet table cloths, golden candelabras, hanging chandeliers, imported italian masks, and blood red roses set amongst moss centerpieces, this reception area would have been a setting anyone would feel glamourous at! The goth, the glam, the black velvet! OH MY! What’s not to love about this creative and non traditional styled shoot! It’s beauty is in the eye of the beholder. We think this Glam Masquerade Wedding is super gorgeous and we hope you think so too!!

Photography: Krystal Zaskey Photography | Venue: Ann Norton Sculpture Gardens | Cake Designer: Earth and Sugar  | Bridal Boutique: Bacio Bacio Bridal | Event Planner” Unbridled Wedding and Event Planning | Floral Designer: Orange Blossoms Florals

“Once Upon a Time…”

May 10, 2015

The Atelier Pronovias 2016 collection has been tailored with fabrics of the highest quality, showcasing clean cut designs with pure lines and large skirts, as well as new fabrics like mikado silk, organza and silk satin, piqué and crêpe.  Gowns have plunging fronts and backs, that fade into the body thanks to a sophisticated layering design in which nude colour crystal tulle fabrics come together to create an second-skin effect.