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Four Must-Have Pieces of Jewellery For This Wedding Season

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The jewellery you select to wear at your wedding ceremony and reception is ultimately your choice. Seeing as your wedding day will be one of the most important and memorable days of your life, it’s vital that you choose pieces of jewellery that suit your taste and style or have a personal connection.

Many modern brides tend to be more creative in their jewellery choices than the brides of previous generations, though many others like to wear pieces that tie in with valued traditions. So, you should spend time determining what is important to you for your wedding jewellery. You’ll then be in an excellent position to find the right pieces.

Also, remember you have the opportunity to switch up the jewellery you wear at the wedding ceremony and at the reception. For instance, if you’re going to wear a statement wedding veil, you might like to leave wearing statement earrings until the reception. While your choice of wedding day jewellery is ultimately up to you, you can start your selection journey by considering the following four jewellery pieces that many brides consider to be must-haves for this wedding season.

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A Solitaire Diamond Ring

When it comes to wedding rings, many brides are returning to simplicity this season. Following years in which cluster rings were the first choices for both engagement rings and wedding rings, the solitaire ring is now on trend and it looks set to be a popular choice for some time yet.

The iconic and elegant simplicity of a solitaire ring, in which one diamond, or even another gemstone, takes centre stage, can create the wow factor and help you shine on your special day. And with diamond solitaire wedding rings, you get to choose from a wide variety of stone sizes and cuts to suit your taste.

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Statement Earrings

Paired with the right outfit, either for your wedding ceremony or your reception, or both, statement earrings can help you to achieve the perfect look for your special day. Furthermore, you can wear a pair of statement earrings time after time.

Pearl stud earrings have been regaining popularity this season, as they offer timeless elegance and a classic look. But many brides are now choosing blue sapphire earrings in 14K white gold to create truly eye-catching and spellbinding appearances. There is perhaps no coloured stone that is more opulent than sapphire. Plus, by choosing elegant blue sapphire earrings, you get to follow tradition by wearing something blue.

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Engraved Necklace

If you want to match your jewellery with the bridesmaids’ jewellery, initial necklaces are must-have items. You can create a truly memorable wedding day by wearing a gold necklace, or another type of necklace that matches your bridal outfit, that features your initial or name.

And when your bridesmaids wear the same necklace with their initials or names engraved, everything will come together nicely and the bridesmaids can feel special too. You could consider other engravings on necklaces, such as the date of your wedding.

You and your spouse may already have chosen to get wedding rings that have matching engravings, but you can take the idea further by wearing an etched necklace that matches those worn by your bridesmaids.

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Boho Jewellery

Lastly, for any kind of jewellery pieces you could wear on the big day, consider going boho. This season, many brides are choosing pieces with textures or braided designs as well as organically-shaped gemstones like pearls, to create amazing aesthetics.

If you decide on the boho look, make sure you pair colours well. For instance, silver and platinum jewellery goes well with a pure white outfit and yellow gold perfectly suits champagne-coloured wedding dresses.

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