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Pets as participants in the wedding ceremony

pets at a wedding

If you have a cat, a dog, or even a small hamster, you probably perceive them as a real family member and cannot imagine a wedding without those cute eyes and funny fluffy paws. There should definitely be a place and a special role for a beloved pet at such a celebration – the most attentive guest in the room, the groom’s best friend and even the ring bearer. Still, remember that the first thing you should think about when planning their participation in the wedding is not a beautiful picture, but the comfort of the pet and the guests.

Before the wedding

If you take a pet to such a celebration, be sure to check whether animals are allowed on the site, whether there is a place for walking the dog nearby, and whether they will give you bowls for food and water. Specifically ask the manager if the presence of pets is allowed on the territory and under what conditions (most likely, you will need to provide a pet passport). 

my pet at my wedding

In many restaurants, unfortunately, the opportunity to “invite” a furry friend is not provided, so think about other options: country venues or a wedding in nature. If you want to arrange a wedding photo session with horses or other large animals, be sure to check with the site manager if this is possible, or better, set aside a separate day for shooting and go to a park or forest. Moreover, warn the guests and ensure they are not allergic to fur and that the animal will not cause them any discomfort.

Throughout the celebration

Even if you are sure that your four-legged friend will not be nervous in a large crowd of people and will not whine plaintively at the food, begging the guests for a piece of the wedding cake, you must find a person whom you can trust your pet to. The bride and groom are unlikely to have free time in the busy schedule of the wedding day, but it is desirable that this is someone close, with whom the pet is already familiar. Entrust this task only to a responsible person, on whom you can rely 100%!

Before you ask your parents or girlfriend to look after your dog or hold your cat, make sure that they will really enjoy it: not everyone will want to take on such responsibility during a party. Ideally, before the wedding, you should find a professional who will get to know your pet in advance, establish contact with them, be able to be with them at the celebration and, if necessary, take them home. In some countries, for example, there are special services – wedding dog sitters – the employees can sit at home with a cat or bring the dog to the ceremony, placing a cute bow tie on their collar.

During the photo shooting

It is not necessary to take your pet with you to the ceremony to include it on your wedding day. You can spend the morning together, for example, walking the dogs in your favorite park: this way, you will get both the love story shooting and some wedding pictures with your pets. Or you can make a home photoshoot while the bride is getting ready. She can call her orange cat names female, and the fluffy pet will add colors to the scene. 

Just be sure to warn the photographer that you will not be alone. Choose a location and suitable clothes to take your cat or dog in your arms without fear of ruining the suit or the dress. If you want to take pictures in a cafe, check in advance if visitors with pets are allowed there.

At the ceremony

A dog that approaches its owners at a ceremony with an attached pillow with wedding rings is, of course, very cute. But such a trick, firstly, requires training, and secondly, the absolute comfort of the pet itself. They can be frightened, nervous, or turn to the buffet table just at the last moment, before the altar, because of some fragrant canapes with ham that have just been laid out – and you or your coordinator will have to convince them to turn around.


Think twice before you decide on such a trick – after all, during these ten minutes of the ceremony, it is better to give the dog or cat to one of the bridesmaids. Let your pet be part of the celebration, not the center of it.

At the banquet

If your pet stays with you for the duration of the banquet, make sure that they always have clean drinking water, food, and possibly some treats – in case they need to be distracted or follow commands. Warn guests not to give the pet food from the table and instruct the person who will look after them during the banquet in as much detail as possible. Even an adult trained dog can find it difficult to stay indoors for a long time with a bunch of people and loud music, so think about the option of taking your furry friend home early

What else needs to be considered?

Don’t forget about grooming Last but not least, not only the bride and groom need a trip to the beauty salon. The pet should also look their best at a wedding! A few days before the celebration, take your pet to the groomer to get a haircut and styling and prepare your furry friend for the holiday.


Be sure to follow these recommendations,in order to make the wedding event fun and peaceful for everyone, including your beloved pets!