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How To Incorporate Flowers Into Your Whimsical Wedding

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Many creative couples want to hold a unique and unforgettable whimsical wedding. Their themes consist of out-of-the-box concepts that may require rainbow color palettes, carnival-inspired, or a fairytale-like theme. For some, the venues make for the whimsical part, like having the reception held in a theme park, nightclub, rooftop, museum, and many quirkier places. The sky’s the limit for your inspirations and wedding ideas. 

If you and your partner are determined to have whimsical matrimony and reception, flowers are one influential variable in their decors. Fortunately, there are many playful ways to use these floral statements to bring out the elegance and uniqueness of the party. Let the vibrance of colors and their unique styling own up to the whimsical theme.

Check out the following ways to incorporate flowers into your whimsical wedding:

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  • Floral Wall Décor 

One way to decorate your wedding reception is to put a floral wall decor. This can serve as a backdrop or a photo background wall for guests. A flower wall can be customized according to your preferred color scheme, type of flowers, or aesthetic preferences. Consider the different flower species you want to incorporate into the wall, and check out Wilde Rose flower delivery or other reliable flower suppliers in your local area. The key is to hire a florist who can arrange the wall to achieve your desired result. To make it quirky, utilize unique and unusual flower and greenery combinations on it.

You can use a flower wall to draw guests’ attention to an area of your wedding that you want to emphasize. They can be positioned right at the venue’s entryway or as a focal backdrop for the wedded couple. This is a fail-proof way to catch the attention and interest of your guests. While they aren’t as big as vertical floral arrangements, they have the same impact. The concepts for floral wall decors are endless, so you can be as playful and whimsical as possible. 

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  • Floral Head Dress 

Depending on the wedding theme, you can ask your bridal entourage to wear floral headpieces. These make your bridesmaids look even more stunningly beautiful than they already are. Even the bride can wear a beautiful headdress too. Several floral hairpieces are available to match the style and gown of the bride. A flower crown is an excellent whimsical idea that comprises dried flowers, making it easier to manage and decorate on the head wire.

Flower crowns make outstanding additional elements, especially for boho-inspired weddings. Choose the best color palette for your crown and make sure it perfectly matches the gown. Depending on your preference, you can go all out or opt for minimalist floral hairpieces. 

  • Table Centerpieces 

Another crucial decorative and trending element in a wedding is the table collage floral centerpieces. These take up the most significant portion of your flower budget in many cases. However, you don’t have to break the bank on this part. You can stick to your budget and trust your designer or florist to make the most of the flowers available.

Many unique but charming floral species can make excellent flower arrangements. An experienced florist will know how to make the centerpiece stand out by combining fresh flowers, greens, and dried flowers. The key is to ensure that the centerpieces won’t disrupt the guests when they want to chitchat across the table. Keep in mind the length and height of the flower centerpiece.  

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  • Cake Toppers 

A whimsical wedding can’t be without a whimsical cake. One way to incorporate flowers is through your beautiful wedding cake. You can have your florist prepare a cake topper made of dried flowers and collaborate with your bakery to plan how to accentuate the flowers as cake toppers.

Your bakery can make fondant flowers on your cake, but it would be wise to consult your florist to ensure the flowers match the bouquet. With flowers on the cake’s top, your baker won’t have to add any more decor as they look stunning on their own. Go for this design if you love flower statements that much.

cake with flowers
cake with flowers
  • Wedding Favor Accents 

Your wedding flowers can be featured in the wedding favors you give your guests. While the content is essential, the packaging also holds a similar essence level. Ensure to put some thought into how your wedding favors can be wrapped and beautifully presented. You can use ribbons, boxes, and finally some dried flowers. Even without opening the gift, your guests have already fallen in love with its outer aesthetics.


You should be happy and excited while planning the most important day of your life. There are indeed many ways to make your wedding memorable for guests. Rest assured you and your guests won’t ever forget your whimsical wedding. Hopefully, you’ve found some fantastic and unique ideas for incorporating flowers into your wedding reception. It’s best to coordinate with a florist so they can achieve your whimsical themed dream wedding.