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Modern Celestial Wedding Inspiration

With every season, colour and size, this collection of bridal bouquets will inspire 

Bridal bouquets are perhaps the most essential accessory for a wedding day. As you walk down the aisle, waltze into the reception and pose for photos, there the bouquet will be. Like a splash of colour on a blank canvas, bridal bouquets artfully showcase the personality of a bride. For these reasons, Elegant Wedding has created this gorgeous list of colourful, textured, bridal bouquets to inspire you before the big day!

1. Hand Tied Bouquet | Luluthia

2. Crescent bouquet | Le Papillon Florist

3. Tropical Bouquet | Lelili Florals

4. Spray Bouquet | Fleuriste Italia

5. Cascading Bouquet | Le Rouge Florist

6. Posy Bouquet | Fleurs & Sense

7. Pomander Bouquet | OMG Events

8. Crescent bouquet | Express Yourself

9. Hand Tied Bouquet | Alain Simon Fleurs

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10. Crescent bouquet | Creations By Gitta

11. Pink Hand Tied Bouquet | Eternity Blossoms

12. Crescent bouquet | Gatto Flowers


13. Pageant Bouquet | Ruth Chin Events

Pampas Grass Wedding Bouquet
Natural Wedding Bouquets

14. Spray Bouquet | Brantford Bloom Florist

Earthy Wedding Bouquet
Natural Bridal Bouquets

15. Hand Held | Lelili Fleurs

Dusty Blue Wedding Bouquet
Ranunculus Wedding Bouquet

16. Spray Bouquet | Deer Dutch

Yellow Wedding Bouquets
Bright Yellow Bouquet

17. Spray bouquet | Leaf & Bloom

Pale Pink Bouquets
Peach Wedding Bouquet

18. Tropical Bouquet | La Graces Des Fleurs

Red and Green Wedding Bouquet
Palm Frond Wedding Bouquet

19. Exotic Bouquet | Luluthia Fleurs

Pink and Peach Wedding Bouquet Peony Wedding Bouquets
Colourful Summer Bouquet

20. Cascading Bouquet | Royal Orchid Florist

White Orchid Wedding Bouquet
All White Wedding Bouquet
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21. Crescent bouquet | Springhill Flowers

King Protea Wedding Bouquet
Eucalyptus Wedding Bouquet

22. Hand-tied bouquet | Aura Design

28 Gorgeous Bridal Bouquets To Inspire You

23. Tropical | Proline Trading International

Bright Red Wedding Bouquet
Red Floral Wedding Bouquet

24. Hand-tied bouquet | Fleuriste Italia

King Protea Wedding Bouquet
Protea Bridal Bouquets

25. Hand-tied bouquet | Rachel Clingen

26. Pageant bouquet | The Grazing Ace

Tropical Wedding Bouquets

27. Posy bouquet | Prune Les Fleurs

Bright pink wedding bouquets
Pink wedding bouquet

28. Hand-tied bouquet | Atelier Carmel

Pink Peony Bouquet
Pink and Purple Bouquet
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