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7 Wedding Gown Trends You Can Expect This 2022

wedding gowns trends for 2022

Since people around the world have started adjusting to the constraints of the pandemic, many couples have decided to push through with their wedding plans. There have been changes and shifts from conventional larger weddings to more intimate and minimalistic wedding ceremonies and receptions. Nevertheless, it’s good to know that the wedding industry is alive again and back in the game. 

Bridal fashion has been evolving through the years. Whether you’re planning to take the plunge this year or anytime soon, it’s best to know what wedding gown trends to expect this year. And unsurprisingly, the ‘new normal’ brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic has somehow influenced some of these glamorous wedding dresses for 2022. 

Get acquainted with the wedding gown trends for this year, which includes the following:

1. High Necklines Wedding Gown 

Many kinds of wedding dresses feature high necklines nowadays. The great thing about this neckline is that it matches different gown designs perfectly. From mermaid cut and figure-hugging lace gowns to mini bridal dresses, they add flair and unique elements to a bridal wedding gown. Different celebrity and public figures have worn this look before, and this is a bridal gown trend to go for if you want to cover some skin on your upper body.

WONA Love in the City Collection

2. Minimalistic Design Inspired By The ’90s 

The 2022 wedding dress collections draw inspiration from the nineties with a modern and cool take on bridal fashion. This holds true for some minimalistic designed wedding dresses. There are cut-outs and slip-on bridal gowns perfect for the modern bride. One famous celebrity who pioneered this trend is Hailey Bieber, who sported an ivory slip dress on her wedding day.

Sarah Alouache Bridal Collection

3. Bridal Separates 

The year 2022 is looking out for fresher tweaks on traditional bridal gowns. This next wedding gown trend is particularly as fresh as it gets. Bridal separates are perfect for brides who want to wear multiple pieces. You can have a different blouse paired with pants or skirt, and still, look most beautiful on your special day. Pull off an intimate yet fabulous wedding and wear bridal separates to finish off the minimalistic vibe of your marriage.

eve lendel 2022 wedding gown collection

4. Corset Wedding Dresses Inspired By “Bridgerton” 

During the pandemic when people are highly attentive to online trends, one drama series that became a huge hit recently is “Bridgerton.” This is where the reappearance of corset wedding dresses came from. A corset bodice with exposed boning and sultry bustier tops will be among the top wedding dress trends in 2022.

It might seem outdated to wear a corset for wedding dresses, but they are actually pretty common, especially in ball gowns and designs with beading and more details on the upper body area of the gown. In the past, corset gowns were designed with some layers of fabrics hiding the corset structure, but modern designs allow the corsets to be revealed and visible on the gown.

eve lendel 2022 wedding gown collection

5. Floral Accents 

The top wedding dress trend for 2022 will be colorful wedding dresses with floral prints and large flower embellishments. This is an excellent piece for a bride who loves floral accents. No matter where your wedding venue is, wearing a floral accent bridal gown will allow you to be the center of attention. They have a fresh, clean feel to them. Wedding dress trends are all about drama and color, and a floral bridal gown is sure to meet this criterion.

wedding gown trends for 2022 floral gowns

6. Unique And Bold Sleeves 

As most bridal gown trends in the early 2000s were focused on strapless and sweetheart necklines, the comeback for sleeves appears again this year. While tight and form-fitting long-sleeve laces have recently become a trend, women can now welcome a different variation for bolder and unique sleeves like puff sleeves and angular shoulders. You can wear the puff sleeve trend without feeling ridiculous. This fashion trend happens to be from the 80’s style and is usually loose on the arm but fitted on the wrists. The sleeve styles make your bridal gown stand out from the rest.

eve lendel 2022 wedding gown collection

7. Square Necklines

There will be a lot of wedding dresses with square necklines in 2022. This gown is great for both large and small breasts, as it provides both support or coverage on your wedding day, as well as creating the illusion of cleavage by exposing your best asset in a flattering way. This is definitely a modern version of the traditional neckline, especially with its sharp edges. Furthermore, it also works perfectly with minimalistic and intimate wedding ceremony themes.

eve lendel 2022 wedding gown collection


These online trends have had a significant influence on the wedding gown industry. By knowing the different trending wedding gown designs this year, you’ll have a solid basis on what wedding gown to go for on your big day. 

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